Three more days to vote for National Radio Hall of Fame

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Two from public radio compete in separate categories of the online election held by Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communication. Public voting ends Friday night. Click to get your ballot. This year, 16 broadcasters are nominated in four categories: Ira Glass is up against several other national radio names, and Ed Walker, host of Sunday night showcase of radio serials and comedy, The Big Broadcast, on WAMU here in D.C., is one of the local broadcasters nominated. In a fifth category, posthumous, Studs Terkel is one of three winners already announced. (The voting by deceased voters is complete.) WAMU has been giving Walker a push with promos for weeks, and the Washington Post this morning features a profile of the 77-year-old hometown favorite, who formed a memorable comedy team with Willard Scott (the original overweight and jolly NBC Today weatherman) on several D.C. stations for two decades, including NBC’s WRC-AM, where they were they reigned as The Joy Boys from 1955 to 1972 [fan site]. The Joy Boys kept a loaded garbage can in the studio for one particular sound effect, as viewers will hear in this rare video of their last broadcast in October 1972.

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