City Paper on Steiner: egos, money and clashing philosopies

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In another story about the firing of WYPR’s Marc Steiner, The Baltimore City Paper reports that President Anthony Brandon’s “answers–and his nonanswers–during an hour of questions on March 13 suggest displeasure with not just Steiner’s personality but also his unusual employment contract.” Brandon says, “Marc was under contract for $125,000 per year to produce eight hours of programming a week. He was also given the latitude to operate other business ventures at the same time.” Since Steiner stepped down as station v.p. in 2005, his paycheck has been written out to a company Steiner founded in 1998, Lasko Round Inc., reports the paper. “They wanted to get rid of me as v.p., so they had to give me the contract I wanted,” says Steiner. The story also discusses the relationship between WYPR and Steiner’s nonprofit, the Center for Emerging Media. See Current‘s story on Steiner’s firing here

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