Alex Chadwick is keeping an online diary for Slate about the launch of Day to Day, the new NPR newsmag that is being produced in partnership with … Slate. Revelation: Chadwick made an intern cry.

A Yankee remake of the BBC’s Coupling, coming to NBC this fall, will feature rewrites of the British scripts, the New York Daily News reported. The original Britcom now airs in the States on public TV stations.

Undercut fiscally by underwriting declines, San Francisco’s KQED trimmed its work week and salaries 10 percent and reduced its staff 11 percent (including nine layoffs), the Associated Press reports.

In a New York Times op-ed, Yale political scientist David Greenberg weighs the meaning of a revelation in the new PBS Watergate documentary — Nixon aide Jeb Magruder’s remark that he heard Nixon okay the Watergate break-in. As reprinted in the Charlotte Observer.

Conservative writer Rob Long writes in the L.A. Times why he donates to NPR though its programming drives him to shout back, spraying his dashboard with angry spittle.

A Venice Beach bike repairman told coworkers a recent pledge to KCRW scored him “a kick-ass tote bag,” “reports” the humor mag The Onion. (Last item under “News in Brief.”)

WNET’s Bill Baker decries the twin disasters of FCC deregulation and diminished support for pubcasters in an op-ed for the University of Minnesota’s student newspaper.

The new Broadway show Avenue Q, produced by former employees of Sesame Street, spoofs the kids’ show by dragging it “into a curse-filled world of Gen-X angst, unemployment and promiscuous, drunken sex,” writes Jake Tapper in The New York Times.

Public television producer John Schott has a weblog.