Public radio listeners want more climate coverage

Climate One fills programming gap by connecting local impact to national and global conversation

From massive hurricanes and flooding, wildfires and droughts, record heat waves and epic snowstorms, Americans are experiencing weather disasters around the year — with climate change turbocharging their impact. The public recognizes that the climate crisis is here, and they are anxious to understand it. Public radio listeners are making it clear they want more climate stories and to better understand the national and global context behind what’s happening in their communities.

Public radio stations across the country are responding, stepping up to report on climate change — the most important issue of our time. Climate One, the only weekly public radio program focused on climate change, complements local and regional reporting by connecting all aspects of the climate crisis on a sustained schedule.

Climate One Host Greg Dalton (right) and audio engineer Austin Colón (center) interviewing climate experts at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

“While our own environmental and sustainability reporters are busy, we’re not having the deeper conversation on a regular basis,” says Sheila Rue, Program Director at WUSF in Tampa, Florida. “Climate One is doing that for our audience, and I am so glad we’ve added the program to our schedule. This focus on our changing environment with advocates and policymakers helps deepen our understanding and even more importantly — is engaging our listeners.”

Addressing the climate crisis begins by talking about it

For more than 15 years, Climate One has offered empowering conversations about the climate emergency. Creator and executive producer Greg Dalton, alongside co-host  and public radio veteran Ariana Brocious, dives deep into the injustices of environmental racism, emotional trauma of fires and floods, consumer implications for climate policies such as the Inflation Reduction Act, and of course, the politics of it all.

Host Greg Dalton recording an episode from his studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sample Climate One episodes from the last six months include:

Climate One offers these conversations as a weekly public radio program (distributed via PRX) covering the broad range of issues (business, health, justice, etc) impacted by climate change.

You can expand your climate coverage by adding Climate One to your schedule. The program is available for free via PRX. Contact Steve Martin [email protected]  703.304.8479