PRX’s impact –– and an invitation to collaborate in the year ahead

By Kerri Hoffman, CEO of PRX

In 2003, PRX was created to address a particular challenge of the time—great stories were produced for radio, aired once, and then disappeared. We solved this problem by creating the PRX Exchange, the first open, searchable, digital marketplace devoted to audio. We also built an economy to support it.

Prior to this, public radio stations had only two content choices: to either air national programs or to make content themselves. PRX created a new option, giving independent producers local and national broadcast reach, and public radio stations the access to choice. We unlocked opportunities for more voices and opened an otherwise closed system. PRX also became one of the first places you could listen to public radio on the internet.

In those early days, we thought of PRX as a rebel in audio. We disrupted the status quo to create something new, efficient, and more accessible. Now, we see our work as a catalyst for change—turning problems into opportunities, reframing difficulties, and empowering people and teams to expand public media.

The ways we see this in action:

  • We support a creative economy. Over the course of our existence, we’ve put $100 million back into the hands of creators.
  • We provide access to state-of-the-art technology at no or low cost to creators and organizations of all sizes.
  • We champion local public radio stations in their service to their communities.
  • We’ve created an innovative and rigorous global training curriculum, helping audio producers make meaningful media in an agile, supportive, and accessible learning environment.
  • We welcome the public to tell their own stories in the studios and classrooms at our PRX Podcast Garages, with locations in Boston and embedded in the new headquarters of KQED in San Francisco.
  • We’ve partnered with some of the most creative makers in public radio and podcasting and have celebrated their success on their own terms.

We strive to create value through our collaborations, technology, journalism, and stories, and invite you to view our impact in the past year via PRX’s annual report.

We hope you’ll find our values woven throughout our work: Our bold vision and innovative spirit give us the courage to take risks. We practice empathy by celebrating the humanity of our colleagues and partners. We believe that excellence is not centrally sourced, and if we create opportunities for many, we all benefit. All of this is in service of our purpose and our vision of a world that values inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

We want to be the place of big dreams and meaningful impact—an entrepreneurial nonprofit with an expansive mission.

We’re proud to be a valuable partner in public media and are always eager to explore new partnerships. We encourage you to reach out to us. Let’s continue to explore what we can do, and make possible, together.

We thank you for your partnership. Kerri Hoffman, CEO of PRX