Buffalo, What’s Next?

“Buffalo What’s Next?” is a program created after a white supremacist killed 10 in a mass shooting on Buffalo’s mostly Black East side. It concentrates on difficult talk about segregation and race.

Palmetto Perspectives

Palmetto Perspectives aims to bring together a diverse group of voices to discuss the critical issues facing South Carolina and its communities while engaging viewers throughout the state.

Documented Semanal

Documented Semanal is a newsletter serving Spanish-speaking immigrant communities in New York, and allowing them to participate in the making of journalism on the most pressing issues affecting them.

WESA Voter Guide

The WESA Voter Guide is a reader-friendly, non-partisan primer on political candidates running in the 2022 primary election for Pennsylvania and Allegheny County.

Democracy Watch

Democracy Watch addresses the lack of local government reporting that our community has experienced as traditional news media has declined.

Community Engagement Bureau

The Beacon’s Community Engagement Bureau is a journalism lab reimagining local media. Our ultimate goal is to equip communities with the tools to eliminate information inequity.

Revitalizing Peoria Magazine

WTVP’s acquisition of Peoria Magazine moves the community forward by engaging businesses and individuals outside of broadcast television, promoting collaboration and opening new revenue streams.


This project uses public media’s digital and linear distribution platforms to celebrate the unique history, extraordinary achievements of the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Celebrating Minnesota’s Badass Women

We brought women together from around the state to deliver 5-minute passion talks about what they care about and why. Several of these talks are leading to next steps for statewide action.

Civics Bowl

Civics Bowl addresses the need for educated citizens who know about the workings of our government, understand their rights and responsibilities, and engage in civic behaviors.

The power of pamphlets

We work with residents and organizations to create and distribute brochures about pollution and public health to rural and underserved communities.

Shaping Narratives

Our Shaping Narratives leaders of color have produced stories with and for their communities that are being used to encourage change-based conversations.

Listen MKE

A joint partnership between the local paper, NPR, the public library and Milwaukee PBS focused on listening and engaging an impoverished neighborhood that has been traditionally ignored by media.