Combined Pledge Drive Management – Making Life Easier for You

Data driven decision-making and thoughtful campaign planning are how Stations can maximize net revenue and improve the donor experience. However, managing giving campaigns one channel at a time and trying to put all the numbers together for the full picture is cumbersome for many of our Partners. With 72 PBS pledge drives under our belts, ACD has experienced first-hand the challenges of managing Thank You inventories and fulfillment from donations via calls AND online. From event ticketing to digital subscriptions, to mugs and tote bags, sometimes it can feel like we need the infrastructure of Amazon to execute successful drives.

Because ACD has been in the pledge drives trenches with Stations for almost two decades, we have built solutions that are specifically designed to meet pledge challenges. From our Mvault and Forest APIs, to our Premium Organization Database (PODs) and PledgeCart, we know that combining all of these enhancements with inbound call management saves our Partners thousands of labor hours across the Public Broadcasting System every year.

The shining star of our combined enhancements is ACD’s online donation platform, PledgeCart.

“Using PledgeCart, in conjunction with the ACD Assist program, the new feature that you offer with donation page creation and maintenance program, has saved us a tremendous amount of time.”

Glenda Davis, Director of Membership, Public Broadcasting Atlanta

The benefits of combining PledgeCart online donations with text-to-donate campaigns and over-the-phone donations are robust. In addition to seeing the full picture of the pledge drive in reports, Stations experience less time preparing for each drive because premium set-up is only required in one place for phones, texts, and online donations. Data downloads and/or API auditing is more streamlined and comes from one data source. With PledgeCart, there are no middleman payment gateways and Stations can process all donations in the way that makes the most sense to them.

“Through the PledgeCart system, ACD has helped us diversify and track campaigns to more effectively manage our efforts. Our Account Executive is always there when we need him to make adjustments to the schedule or updates as the drive changes.”

Russ Hitzemann, Director of Membership, Nine Network

PledgeCart is also dynamic and constantly improving. We add new functionalities to accommodate Stations’ needs regularly. From featured gifts and automatic QR code generation to the ability to custom build email confirmations, the enhancements keep rolling out. We also offer optimization support and set-up assistance through our “ACD Assist” program, as well as optional web chat integrations, to ensure that making and processing donations is an easy process.

“The continued ongoing development is great. The phones’ not going anywhere any time soon, but the digital side of things continues to pick up and will continue to increase, whether it’s coming through a QR code or whatever the next technology is that is out there.”

Russ Hitzemann, Director of Membership, Nine Network

The ACD team is here to help you with Pledge Management. If you would like to learn more about these options, please reach out to your account executive or our sales team at [email protected].