Survey for CPB:
Have some journalists working there?

Published in Current, July 6, 2010

CPB has ordered up a headcount of journalists working at both public TV and radio stations to serve as a baseline for monitoring future employment levels.

Station execs will receive questionnaires later this month from a team of consultants working with Public Radio News Directors Inc., hired by CPB to handle the survey. And PRNDI hired Michael Marcotte, Ken Mills and Steve Martin to do the survey, working with a research advisor, Hofstra University media-industry scholar Robert Papper.

To induce replies by the survey deadline of Aug. 6, the team will give respondents a shot at winning a highly tactile new iPad touch-screen tablet.

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In a Columbia j-school report, two prominent journalistic figures knock pubcasting for its level of local news coverage. “The failure of much of the public broadcasting system to provide significant local news reporting reflects longstanding neglect of this responsibility by the majority of public radio and television stations, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Congress."


PRNDI says it will measure pubcasting's "local journalism capacity."

CPB's request for proposals for the census project, March 8, 2010.


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