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  • Black Public Media’s PitchBLACK commits largest-ever funding pool to five documentaries

    Black Public Media has awarded $410,000 to five film projects presented during its biennial PitchBLACK Forum, a pitching competition attended by distributors and funders of both public and for-profit media.  The grants represent the highest-ever total funding awarded to participants during PitchBLACK and a 28% increase over the $320,000 awarded in 2019. A judging panel of three television executives heard 10 pitches before selecting the grant winners, said BPM Executive Director Leslie Fields-Cruz.  “Honestly, if I had my way and if I had a lot more money, all 10 of the projects would have received a certain amount of funding,” Fields-Cruz said.

  • NPR has ‘not completely bounced back’ from pandemic’s impact on revenue, says acting CEO

    NPR has rolled back some cuts made to staff benefits last year, but the network has not fully recovered from the financial hit it experienced due to the pandemic.  “We have not completely bounced back. We are still emerging,” said NPR Acting CEO Deborah Cowan April 9 during the Texas Public Media Staff Summit.

  • CPB approves plan to divide up $175M in emergency funding

    CPB announced Thursday that it will distribute $175 million in federal emergency relief funds to stations by following Community Service Grant formulas, while devoting additional funds to small, rural and minority stations. In a news release, CPB said television and radio stations will receive separate pools of approximately $87.5 million.  CPB will prioritize $100 million of the funds for smaller stations, while the remaining $75 million will be distributed according to CSG formulas.