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  • Moyers’ push for prime-time impeachment broadcasts fails to convince PBS, some stations

    Public TV stations are taking a range of approaches to presenting the impeachment hearings beginning this week, while veteran journalist Bill Moyers continues to push them to rebroadcast the coverage on their main channels in prime time. PBS is providing stations the hearings, which begin Wednesday, live on its main feed.

  • Film exposes dark repercussions of China’s one-child policy

    Growing up in China, filmmaker Nanfu Wang had never questioned her government’s one-child policy, which restricted many Chinese families to only one offspring as a form of population and resource control. Wang would notice her mother’s friends regularly having forced abortions and sterilizations, but, she said, “it didn’t even strike me as something abnormal.” Once Wang became a mother herself, she began to wonder about the toll the policy had taken on Chinese citizens, both the unwanted children and their would-be parents.

  • Sweep of ‘World on Fire’ encompasses portrayals of ordinary lives

    When screenwriter Peter Bowker decided to dramatize World War II, he looked at it through the prism of ordinary people whose otherwise ordinary lives had been overtaken by global events far beyond their control. Though they lived in England, France, Poland and Germany, he imagined that, in unexpected ways, their lives had become intertwined.