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  • With book sales rising, literary content can appeal to public radio’s well-read audience

    Emphases on in-depth news and local production form the signature aspirations of public radio in serving listeners most relevantly. These twin tenets, however, may be a barrier for stations to consider short modules or podcasts from outside independent producers.

  • Employees at Maine Public accept voluntary retirement offers

    At least three employees of Maine Public have accepted voluntary retirement offers from the station as executives aim to get ahead of long-term budget concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Music hosts Sara Willis and Robin Rilette will leave the station in October, according to Maine Public CEO Mark Vogelzang. A third employee who asked not be identified also accepted the offer.

  • With disputes going public, creators ponder ownership stakes in their podcasts

    When Misha Euceph took the chance to create a podcast as an employee of KPCC in Pasadena, Calif., it didn’t cross her mind to ask station leaders whether she was entitled to intellectual property rights as the show’s host. Euceph But after controversies this year involving the intellectual property of podcasts owned by Spotify and BuzzFeed, some public media podcasters who have co-created podcasts or worked as driving voices behind them are asking whether they should have ownership stakes in their work.