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  • Why it’s a big deal that the latest episode of NPR’s ‘Embedded’ includes audio from a Maryland courtroom

    A narrow challenge to a law banning broadcasts of criminal proceedings may help expand journalists’ ability to cover trials. The production team of Embedded, the NPR podcast that chronicled the aftermath of a 2018 mass shooting in Annapolis, Md., won a narrow victory for the First Amendment with the latest installment of their series.  “Capital Gazette: All Of A Sudden ...

  • WMRA podcast reveals stories behind band’s fan-inspired songs

    The members of the Americana band The Steel Wheels spend many of their long drives on tour listening to podcasts in their van — everything from true crime to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.  Thanks to WMRA, the public radio station in the band’s hometown of Harrisonburg, Va., The Steel Wheels now have their own podcast that’s given fans a deeper connection to their music and songwriting. The show also helps the station deliver on its mission of bringing quality storytelling to its audience.

  • ‘Anything could go wrong’: A longtime programming exec remembers the tightrope act of producing pledge specials

    Larry Rifkin's eventful career at Connecticut Public Television and beyond is the subject of his new memoir, No Dead Air: Career Reflections From the TV Executive Who Saved Barney the Dinosaur From Extinction. Along with introducing a certain purple dinosaur to viewers nationwide, Rifkin led the creation of many local and national productions, including musical pledge shows.