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  • Why Biden’s presidency is the time for a funding boost for pubmedia

    In the media tour for his new book, A Promised Land, former president Barack Obama has hit on the theme of how much the information environment in the U.S. has changed in recent years, leading — in his view — to increased political polarization. In an interview with The Atlantic Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg, Obama put it like this: “Even as late as 2008, typically when I went into a small town, there’s a small-town newspaper, and the owner or editor is a conservative guy with a crew cut, maybe, and a bow tie, and he’s been a Republican for years.

  • NPR story on ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ namesake inspires listeners to give back on Thanksgiving

    A three-minute Morning Edition feature that aired Thanksgiving Day sparked an outpouring of financial support for former restaurateur Alice Brock of “Alice’s Restaurant” fame.  More than $125,000 was pledged to her GoFundMe campaign in less than 24 hours, a feat that many public radio stations would envy.  “I’m really overwhelmed by the whole thing,” Brock told Current from her cottage in Provincetown, Mass. “A lot of this money came from people who don’t even know me.

  • New England Public Media teams up with Merriam-Webster on podcast for word nerds

    Word-loving podcast listeners have a chance to be a fly on the wall at a meeting of dictionary editors thanks to a new show from Merriam-Webster and New England Public Media. At their biweekly pitch meetings, editors at the dictionary publishing company bounce ideas off each other about topics they might address on their website, such as word histories and new words they’re watching.  “Those conversations can be really fun because we're just talking about ideas,” said Emily Brewster, a senior editor at Merriam-Webster and host of the podcast Word Matters.