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  • Battle of the brands: Vermont Public’s name has some audience members covering their ears

    It’s been called “irritating,” “a blunder” and even “stupid.” One listener called it “an affront to our literary senses,” while another said it is “inarticulate [and] ungrammatical.” The harsh criticism is directed at the new name of Vermont’s public radio and television stations, which consolidated last year under the moniker “Vermont Public.” In opinion pieces and letters to the editor published in at least five different local newspapers, dissenters have said the name doesn’t mean anything. They’re pining for the word “media” or “broadcasting” to be attached to it.

  • With ‘City Island,’ PBS Kids leans into animated shorts to show how communities work 

    On City Island, everything is alive, from the girders on a newly constructed building to the snowplow cleaning up the streets. Sleepy-eyed markers wander past talking houses, while a little know-it-all lightbulb named Watt debates his best friend, a kite named Windy whose tassel pigtails blow in the breeze.  It’s a wondrous place where each piece of the community is not only sentient, but also thoughtful.

  • What America Amplified learned about engagement during the midterm elections

    America Amplified’s Midterm Election project began in the spring of 2022 with the goal of leveraging the public media network to help people across the country better understand the power of the vote and how to exercise their right to vote.  It was not a timid mandate, but we were well positioned to make the effort. America Amplified has been working with stations across the country since 2019, sharing resources and training to strengthen community engagement in public media.