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  • How to expand public radio’s reach by changing the way you think

    Public radio is on the verge of blowing it. That is the justification I offer to the friends who have asked me why I want to commit to a large project: writing a series of commentaries for Current this year to outline the mindset and ideas that will set public radio up for success in the next five years.

  • CPB increases annual funding to public TV’s multicultural alliance

    The five public media organizations that fund and distribute TV content created by nonwhite filmmakers will receive $500,000 increases in their annual funding from CPB. CPB announced Monday that it is boosting its support for each of the independent nonprofits that make up the National Multicultural Alliance: Black Public Media, the Center for Asian American Media, Latino Public Broadcasting, Pacific Islanders in Communications and Vision Maker Media. The increase takes effect this fiscal year.  Totaling $2.5 million, the funding represents a 37% increase in CPB’s annual support to the National Multicultural Alliance organizations.

  • Makeup professionals apply aging makeup in 'Fast-Forward'
    ‘Fast-Forward’ challenges viewers to have tough conversations about aging

    A forthcoming PBS documentary produced by FLX Entertainment blends traditional documentary filmmaking with reality TV-style experiences to help young adults and their parents prepare for the physical and cognitive impacts of aging. Premiering March 24, Fast-Forward follows four millennials and their baby boomer parents as they go through an “aging boot camp” that challenges them to confront the physical limitations they will likely encounter at age 70 and older.   To stage such an experience, Fast-Forward director Michael Eric Hurtig turned to researchers at the MIT AgeLab, the creators of a clunky suit known as AGNES, or Age Gain Now Empathy System.