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  • What’s the story behind the Public Radio wine?

    For wine-drinking public radio enthusiasts, one label might cause a double take in the wine aisle — Public Radio from Grounded Wine Company. Houston Public Radio reporter Katie Watkins tweeted about Public Radio wine earlier this year, piquing our curiosity about its origins.

  • By expanding newsrooms, Report for America is giving stations an edge in fundraising

    Stations working with Report for America have boosted their fundraising and reporting staffs by leveraging their partnership with the nonprofit initiative funding the hiring of journalists in newsrooms across the country. Donors interested in supporting public service journalism increased their contributions last year to fund the salaries of RFA reporters assigned to undercovered areas in their regions.

  • ‘Eyes on the Prize’ producer Henry Hampton reflects on how to serve ‘a nation immersed in turmoil’

    With the return of Henry Hampton’s Eyes on the Prize series to the World Channel and PBS, the filmmaker’s keynote speech to the 1992 PBS Annual Meeting provides insights on his ideas for public broadcasting to “establish bridges of communication” across divides in American society. At the time of Hampton’s speech, Eyes on the Prize had debuted to widespread acclaim as a definitive history of the civil rights movement from 1954–1985.