Sahan Journal

Sahan Journal, an independent, nonprofit news site in partnership with MPR News, serves the immigrant and refugee populations of Minnesota with professional journalism centered on immigrant lives, voices, and experiences.

Framed by WDET (2019 Winner)

WDET’s mission is to be the authentic voice of Detroit. Framed by WDET is a multimedia series that integrates photography and audio storytelling to present the authentic stories of Detroit’s ethnic and cultural communities on the radio, online, in a photobook, and at pop-up exhibitions in more than 20 art spaces in the Detroit region and beyond. Produced in collaboration with a community of Detroit-based photographers and storytellers, Framed empowers local residents to contribute to and inform the station’s programming. Read Current’s story about Framed.

Ester Commack

Community in Unity (2018 Winner)

“Community in Unity” is simple: get people together who wouldn’t normally interact, sit them in a circle, and listen. We gather inside homeless shelters, community centers, and TV studios for recorded conversations about community topics. Topics have ranged from race and identity to mental health to immigration, and our most recent series gathered inside prisons to discuss incarceration and the justice system. These moderated conversations are recorded and broadcast to amplify the voices of those not often heard in media. Read about “Community In Unity”in Current.

Mahamud Osman

Ode: Stories Without Borders (2017 Winner)

Ode is a bimonthly, live storytelling event developed to reflect our community’s economic engine, which has been the meat industry. This relatively high paying/low skill work has drawn immigrants from Latvia, Poland, Germany, Ireland, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Ethiopia, Somalia, etc. For this event – Stories Without Borders – we teamed up with two other nonprofit organizations. We presented six storytellers in a step toward a better future, encouraging awareness, connection, and a celebration of our community’s true story. Read Current’s story.