Promise of Paradise: Back to the Land Oral Histories of Mendocino County

“Promise of Paradise” is a sense of place interview series, launched in June 2018 at KZYX, with members of the “Back to the Earth” movement and their children about their lives and experiences of 20th century homesteaders who arrived in Mendocino County, California, as college-educated hippies were streaming away from the cities to rural areas to re-learn ancient homesteading skills and to reject the cultural norms of post-World War II America.

PBS39 Kids Summer Series/TeleBear’s Summer Jam

The PBS39 Kids Summer Series featured free educational activities for children including music, stories and crafts at PBS39’s studios during June and July 2019. TeleBear’s Summer Jam, part of the longstanding annual, regional Musikfest, was an extension of the series and featured free performances with nationally-acclaimed ‘Kindie’ musicians (independent artists who perform for children).

A 413 Families participant reads to his child.

Text 413Families

WGBY, with many other key community stakeholders, has worked closely over the years to align efforts with “The Irene E. & George A. Davis Foundation’s Reading Success by 4th Grade” community-wide initiative with the goal that ALL of Springfield’s children will read proficiently by the end of 3rd grade. One project that WGBY has co-led as a communication strategy is the 413Families community-based texting program for families with children that offers information about educational tips and fun things to do. Read Current’s story.

Reading Marathon

KUED hosts a Reading Marathon Kickoff in conjunction with the Salt Lake Public Library during the STEM Festival. The kickoff party invites families to pick up a Reading Log, receive free books, meet PBS Kids characters, and participate in engaging STEM activities. In an effort to reach a wide geographic population, KUED utilizes partnering organizations to distribute Reading Marathon information. Additionally, Mini Reading Marathons are hosted at libraries, schools, and community service organizations located 100 miles from Salt Lake County.

Nostalgia Nights

“Nostalgia Nights” is a new event series designed to engage first-stage adults (ages 25-45) with Twin Cities PBS. The events are fun, social gatherings that leverage beloved PBS personalities and shows like Mister Rogers and Bob Ross to spark a sense of nostalgia among audiences who grew up with these formative icons. To date, TPT has hosted a “Mister Rogers’ Birthday Party” as well as a “Bob Ross Painting Party,” both of which sold out.

Splash N Bubbles Gilley Pool Event

Hosted a community pool party with a get in free with a book donation for children 12 and under. The theme was Splash N Bubbles PBS Kids Characters. The books were given back to the community library. Activities were provided; like a under the ocean mural with recycled toilet paper roles and coffee pods, a water pollution demonstration was performed with Reef Ranger certification, a Splash N Bubbles movie was provided for families wanting to get out of the sun.

Beyond the Ballot

With “Beyond the Ballot,” WPR is turning our traditional reporting process on its head by asking hundreds of people what they think is important to cover this election season. Our staff has fanned out across Wisconsin, asking people questions and having real conversations about politics in 2018. The centerpiece of the project is a website featuring photography and stories. We are also collecting detailed demographic data on virtually everyone we interview, which helps our ongoing effort to diversify our sourcing.

Saturday Morning Tunes

Many parents today want to do things with their kids, not just for their kids — to explore shared interests like hiking or, in our case, live music. “Saturday Morning Tunes” is a new series of live concerts, mini-festivals and other events which appeal to kids and parents alike. Held in and around Baltimore each month, they’re broadcast live on air and streamed on Facebook Live, and have brought together thousands of children, parents and grandparents through WTMD. Read Current’s story about this project.

A KUER reporter helps out at a mobile sound booth at a local children’s festival.

KUER Sound Booth

The KUER Sound Booth brings radio production to the community and introduces and excites youth about listening to and recording their own audio. We bring our mobile sound booth with audio recording equipment to community and station events, and invite visitors to step into the booth. For children’s events, we’ll offer a chance for them to read a script from a recent news story. Whatever the activity, we always send the participant a finished copy of the audio recording.