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Allegiance Software

Since our start, our mission has been to help public broadcasters raise more money and operate more efficiently.

Built specifically for public broadcasters, and backed by unlimited support, Allegiance solutions provide your staff with the tools and resources to increase both productivity and return on investment - which means more net revenue to support your mission-driven efforts.

Fundraising & Donor Relationship Management - Track donors and their gifts, generate campaign reports, gain actionable insights, identify opportunities and build, test, and implement coordinated multi-channel campaigns that you can deploy on-demand or on a regular schedule. Whether it’s a pledge drive, a sustainer upgrade campaign, or wealth screening data, Allegiance Software puts the tools you need to do the job in your hands and under your control.

Radio Traffic & Billing - Eliminate workarounds with traffic logs, production scheduling and master control with a radio traffic solution built specifically for non-commercial radio that is integrated with underwriting, billing, and reporting.

We deliver powerful solutions that can be managed within the development department without requiring engineering or computer programming assistance. When help is needed, Allegiance Software support is just a phone call away, day or night.

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