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Allegiance Software
Allegiance Software

Allegiance Fundraising Group combines decades of experience to give you end-to-end fundraising solutions specifically designed for your station. As your strategic fundraising partner, we listen to your needs, implement the right solutions, and grow with you as you work toward your mission.

• Agency Services - Grow your donor base with highly effective data-driven solutions targeted for your industry, budget, and goals.

• Technology Solutions - Scalable software solutions designed to help you maximize your fundraising potential.

• Loyalty & Incentives - Increase member retention with a low-cost benefits program your donors will love.

Today you can turn to a single team for seamless fundraising strategy and implementation, membership management software, and membership loyalty programs.

Contact us today to find out how Allegiance Fundraising Group can help you acquire, nurture, and retain more members.
Phone: (844) 858-7654

(844) 858-7654

Courteous, respectful telemarketing & hand-addressed mailings

Serving Public Broadcasting since 1985

“Aria is knowledgeable about public TV and radio development. They understand the product and are willing to try new ideas to help their clients.” - Sarah McDaniel, Northwest Public Radio

“Aria is a company I fully trust. They've always had an eye on what’s best for my non-profit institution, not their bottom line.” - Jack Callahan, WNPR and Connecticut Public Television

“Aria’s background in fundraising has put them in an incredible place to succeed. They know fundraising from the inside out and are thoughtful and creative in their approaches. We’re very pleased with the results we get at Aria and working with their team has been just as personable, thorough and rewarding as the calls and cards themselves.” - Kathy Beringer, Wisconsin Public Radio

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Memsys – Herlick Data Systems
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MemSys Membership Fundraising Software has helped non-profit organizations grow and prosper since 1985. This is our fourth decade serving donor-supported public and religious broadcasting stations. Our latest additions include fully integrated online software: eSolicitations module broadcasts personalized emails, and WebSys creates an unlimited library of online pledge forms (e.g. Donate Now, or scripted versions for a Call Center or Drive Volunteers).

MemSys empowers its users with cost-effective software solutions that support personalized Email appeals, broadcast and web based pledge drives, special appeals including annual giving and additional gifts, automatic gift processing, market research and major giving CRM.

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