Directory of Services


The companies featured here offer the following services to public media:

We help non-profits reach more donors and members through telemarketing, handwritten direct mail, major and planned giving campaigns, sales, lead generation, and phone surveys.
(608) 423-1338
Herlick Data Systems offers a comprehensive software package that supports membership management and fundraising activities, tracks performance and delivers financial reports.
(909) 798-2898
We deliver end-to-end fundraising solutions that are easy to use and well supported, so nonprofits can acquire, nurture, and retain more donors.
(844) 858-7654
PledgeLab is our FREE online resource for best pledge practices. PledgeDriver is a cloud based script creation and editing software that will make planning your drives simple.
(651) 797-2161
Roger Gomoll
Nacha is the steward of the ACH Network, which electronically connects consumers, businesses and governments nationwide to send and receive payments—including recurring donations.
(800) 487-9180
Peter Hohenstein