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Allegiance Software
Allegiance Software

Our Allegiance is to You

Since our start, our mission has been to help non-commercial broadcasters raise more money and operate more efficiently.

More than 35 years ago, we were approached by a public broadcasting station that was looking for the same features and functionality found in the comprehensive fundraising software used by the "big" stations. Accepting the challenge, we, along with the station membership coordinator, worked diligently to develop a fully-relational database management system. Allegiance Software was born. As public broadcasters learned about our sophisticated yet easy-to-use software, demand increased dramatically. And in 2003 Allegiance Software expanded to the religious broadcast industry.

Allegiance Software has migrated to new platforms as technology has progressed — from IBM minicomputers to DOS to GUI to ASNA to the current .NET computer language — and developed mobile apps and Cloud solutions. Development is highly user-driven; we carefully listen to our customers and enhanced our products as their fundraising practices evolve.

Our goal has always been to deliver powerful solutions that can be managed within the development department without requiring engineering or computer programming assistance. When help is needed, Allegiance Software support is just a phone call away, day or night.

Allegiance Software solutions are now used by over 170 public and religious broadcasters nation wide.

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MemSys Membership Fundraising Software has helped non-profit organizations grow and prosper since 1985. This is our 29th year serving donor-supported public and religious broadcasting stations. Our latest additions include fully integrated online software: eSolicitations module broadcasts personalized emails, and WebSys creates an unlimited library of online pledge forms (e.g. Donate Now, or scripted versions for a Call Center or Drive Volunteers).

MemSys empowers its users with cost-effective software solutions that support personalized Email appeals, broadcast and web based pledge drives, special appeals including annual giving and additional gifts, automatic gift processing, market research and major giving CRM.

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Results Group International

Results Group International is a specialized and full service hands-on consulting firm with a strong track record of achieving dramatic income results for nonprofit clients. Founded by Claudia Chouinard Brink, who has served public broadcasters since 1997, Results Group matches senior consultants to the specific needs of each client and creates highly specialized project teams for each engagement.

The Group takes its name quite seriously, specializing in feasibility and execution work that results in clear and measurable institutional growth and income achievement.

The firm has served more than 60 public radio and television stations, community, university and joint licensees, in 33 states over the years, first with launching major gift programs and introducing cultures of philanthropy, and today to advance these programs into 5+- figure giving and to enable initiatives, capital and endowment campaigns. Services include feasibility and planning studies, creation and execution of campaign and initiative action plans, program assessments, future income planning, solicitation training and coaching, and case for support development.

In RGI’s experience, major and planned giving, campaigns and initiatives are today the income segments with the highest return on investment, where public broadcasters are typically leaving the most “money on the table.” We welcome the opportunity to explore how best to assist you and your team with building new revenue capacities for the future.