‘Takeaway’ host Tanzina Vega resigns

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Tanzina Vega announced Friday on Twitter that she has resigned as host of The Takeaway, WNYC’s nationally syndicated public radio program.


“As the first Latina to host the Takeaway I’m very proud of the work I did transforming the show into a national success that explored the societal gaps of wealth, empathy and truth in our daily lives,” Vega said in a note.

In a text message to Current, Vega did not address questions about why she is leaving the show. She also did not respond to a question about claims that WNYC staffers had filed human resources complaints against her, as reported in a New York Times article citing anonymous sources.

“I’ve prided myself for having the necessary balance of empathy and toughness that is critical to making high quality journalism,” she said in a text message to Current. “I thank the staff for their work on the show and wish them the best.”

A New York Public Radio spokesperson declined to respond to questions about the reported HR complaints against Vega but confirmed that the host has been on an approved leave of absence since April. 

Melissa Harris-Perry will be interim host of The Takeaway through the end of the year. 

“Over the last three years, Tanzina and the entire Takeaway team have worked tirelessly to produce an essential daily national news show for the listeners of 290 public radio stations and thousands more online,” WNYC CCO Andrew Golis said in a Friday email to staff. “… We wish Tanzina the very best on her next chapter.”

Vega took on the hosting gig in 2018 after previous stints with CNN and the New York Times. She replaced John Hockenberry, who retired in 2017 following accusations of sexual harassment.

Vega is the second host to leave WNYC in recent months. She follows Bob Garfield, who was fired for violating the station’s anti-bullying policy.

10 thoughts on “‘Takeaway’ host Tanzina Vega resigns

  1. I wish Tanzina the best.

    Melissa Harris-Perry is fabulous and I hope that she’s named the permanent host of the Take Away!

  2. I love The Takeaway with Melissa Harris-Perry. She is so knowledgeable, has such great energy and is always so interested in her subjects. Hope she stays!

  3. The loss of Tanzina Vega is huge. Melissa is just fine; not a proper replacement in my eyes. Let’s get another Boricua if we can’t have Tanzina.

    • Definitely! I also think a Latinex need to be replaced by another Latinex.
      I REALLY do not care for MPH. Specially when millions of older people have thrown themselves to get the COVID vaccines regardless if it is safe it not, she says she was reluctant of getting the COVID-19 Vaccines. Only bad cursed words came from mouth.
      Out out!!

  4. Pretty rich that WNYC wants to keep its HR issues private, when it and other outlets have spent so much time airing the dirty laundry of others (Ellen DeGeneres, etc etc)

  5. Tanzina was/is extraordinary. I’d pick up my sons at school and say, “Let’s listen to Tanzina!” She had a style all her own. Sad for me but trust she has a plan. Hope to hear her lovely voice/intelligence somehow again.Ro

  6. I found TV’s biases rather blatant, TBH, and aggressive almost to the point of bullying– even if I agreed with the point of view. I don’t miss her at all. I thought this show was meant to be informative and more nuanced. I’m pretty liberal, but I still want to hear some intellectual defense/discussion of the other side of my position. That kind of discussion can help one understand the other side just as easily as it can solidify the intellectual underpinnings of the side you are already on (which is why I enjoy Intelligence Squared US so much).

    In fact, its page on the NPR website (which still shows Vega as host) describes the show thusly: “The Takeaway provides a breadth and depth of world, national, and regional news coverage that is unprecedented in public media.” “Breadth and depth” should not include only one side of the spectrum.

    NPR has a hard enough time already convincing people that it doesn’t have a liberal bias. I would suggest Pacifica as a better fit for TV.

  7. I listened to Tanzina’s show almost daily and it was pretty good, impressive even around bringing out marginalized voices and views. I miss her contribution now that she’s gone, and I agree that those shoes have not yet been filled.

    But I struggled with Tanzina’s ego. The way she put herself at the center of her show always rubbed me wrong. I don’t know much about her departure, but hearing that she allegedly berated her staff is not surprising.

    I kind of hate writing that though because I know that public radio is undergoing an identity crisis.

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