These webinars can help you connect with colleagues while working from home

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If you are working from home, you still have many opportunities to connect with your public media peers and tap into professional development and learning opportunities. This is especially important as three public media conferences have been canceled, and others may follow.

Here’s a list of some pubmedia webinars you can attend. Most are open to all, whether or not you are a member of the organization that is sponsoring it. We are updating this list as we hear about new virtual gatherings planned. Please let us know if you have a relevant online event to add by emailing

April 2

1 p.m. ET: PRPD, “Music Programmers Respond”

Music format stations are especially challenged during the age of coronavirus, trying to find the right balance of providing vital information and giving people the respite they so desperately need and want. Join us for a Q&A with music station programmers on how they are programming for their audience in a global pandemic. Abby Goldstein – PRPD President, moderator, Jim McGuinn – Program Director, The Current, Ruth Phinney – Program Director, WXXI and Jordan Lee – Program Director, Radio Milwaukee.

April 3

12 p.m. ET: Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute and Investigative Reporters and Editors, “COVID-19 Data & Context panel”

Panelists will address where journalists can find accurate data about COVID-19, share advice for using the data within larger context responsibly and ways to deliver that information to communities in easily understandable formats for the greatest impact.

1 p.m. ET: America Amplified, “Using Facebook Live to Engage Communities”

April 8

12 p.m. ET: “Engagement in the time of COVID-19”

1–2 p.m. ET: USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism, “Covering Coronavirus: A Top Reporter’s Daily Routine”

Lisa Krieger, science and medicine reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, has reported a vast trove of essential stories since late January, covering every angle of the spreading outbreak from testing debacles to the most promising potential new treatments. In this webinar, Krieger will share how she stays on top of the story every day, with immediately actionable tips that will bolster your own coverage.

April 15

1–2 p.m. ET: USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism, “Covering Coronavirus: Life and Death Decisions

As the COVID-19 crisis sweeps the nation, we’ll look at the hard decisions hospitals must make, and what questions journalists should ask health systems to gauge their preparedness on rationing care and do-not-resuscitate orders. Palliative care specialist and author Dr. Sunita Puri will join the Center for Health Journalism for a moderated discussion.

April 22

1–2 p.m. ET: USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism, “Covering Coronavirus: Street Reporting Without the Street”

Digital journalism expert Amara Aguilar will provide a hands-on tour of at least three tools, provide resources for health reporters working remotely, and offer tips for reporting on hard-to-reach communities.

May 14 and 15

2020 Collaborative Journalism Summit

Also check out Public Media Women in Leadership’s webinar schedule and these archived webinars:

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