CNBC ends ‘Nightly Business Report’ after 40-year run

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American Public Television

Nightly Business Report, television’s longest-running business news broadcast, will cease production after Dec. 27.

A spokesperson for CNBC, which has produced the nightly newscast since 2013, acknowledged the “difficult decision” Thursday and thanked presenting station WETA in Washington, D.C., and Boston-based distributor American Public Television.

A pioneer in business-news reporting, Nightly Business Report premiered in 1979. It’s carried by 183 public television stations in all 50 states, reaching 96 percent of all U.S. households, according to APT.

“The NBR co-anchors, executive producer and entire CNBC team have been strong partners in delivering this trusted business news service,” said Cynthia Fenneman, APT president and CEO, in a statement released Thursday. “This is smart television which will be deeply missed.”

APT first learned of the decision Nov. 4. “We were just sorry to hear they made that decision,” said an APT spokesperson. “From our perspective, it was a business decision.” APT has distributed the show for most of its 40-year run.

WETA, which specializes in public-affairs productions for PBS, is discussing options with BBC News to fill NBR’s time period, according to a station spokesperson. She declined to discuss details.

Wendie Feinberg, who worked in senior editorial roles on the program for 16 years, said she was disappointed by CNBC’s cancellation but not surprised.

When the series began, it was the only television show to offer a full evaluation of daily events on Wall Street, she said.  

“It really was one of a kind,” Feinberg said. “So much has changed in the ensuing years. There are so many places to get similar material now.”

Feinberg left NBR in 2011 after new owners bought the show and laid off half of the staff. The sale set off waves of downsizing which continued even after CNBC acquired the program in 2013 and shut down its remaining bureaus. 

Nightly Business Report started as a production of WPBT in Miami (now South Florida PBS) with Linda O’Byron as news director and Paul Kangas as anchor. Its first regular commentator was Alan Greenspan, who remained on air until becoming chairman of the Federal Reserve in 1987.

In 2010, a year after Kangas retired, WPBT sold the show to NBR Worldwide Inc. a privately held company, which soon after laid off half the staff. PBS, which had funded and distributed NBR since the early 2000s, cut its funding; the show returned to APT for national distribution in 2011. That same year, Nightly Business Report was sold to Atalaya Capital Management, a private equity firm. More layoffs followed in 2012, as well as the closing of the show’s Chicago bureau.

CNBC took over production March 1, 2013, closing the show’s bureaus in New York and Washington and relocating the studio to headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, N.J. Under CNBC, the show went through several talent changes. Susie Gharib, who joined NBR in 1998 and had co-anchored with Kangas, left in 2014.  

Feinberg credited CNBC for maintaining the quality and standards of the Nightly Business Report brand. “I haven’t been disappointed with CNBC’s stewardship,” she said. “I think they really did a good job.”

APT has fully funded the show through its Exchange, a subscription service for public TV stations, since CNBC began producing it.

462 thoughts on “CNBC ends ‘Nightly Business Report’ after 40-year run

  1. I am crushed. I have listened to NBR for almost all of its run and have depended on it for perspective in the worst of times. It is one my main reason s for our long term support of Public Radio wherever we lived as a military family and in the intervening years. We will continue our support of Public Television and Radio wherever we may be. I am aware that this loss is beyond your ability to control.

    Joe Cancellare
    El Paso, TX

    • What a loss. I’ve watched it since inception. Really too bad they have to fill the time with programming that does nothing for people.

          • And I agree. In this day and age, NBR was a necessity which I was shocked to learn will be discontinued. But to what end? Will anything similar take its place. I assume some worthless substitute will be offered which doesn’t begin to serve the public in this manner.

        • What a loss.
          You claim info is available elsewhere but not necessarily in nice concise format.
          Have watched for years.
          Will be missed.

        • It is such a shame that it is off the air. In my opinion once CNBC staff replaced it, It was not the same I sure missed Paul Kangas and Susie

          • Another poor business decision by 20 somethings. I know, sit down and shut up, BOOMER. More secret hush-hush Corporate games. No one is reporting who. How or why one of the most popular programs on PBS just melted away. Ii recommend a Frontline investigation.

      • My only hope is that those who made this terrible decision will reconsider, “hope springs eternal”, Pasquale

      • I agree totally. Am so very disappointed in this decision.
        For those of us who do not subscribe to costly cable tv packages or use the internet for our daily news this will be a hardship.
        & although appreciate having the BBC news viewpoints, I feel there was plenty of opportunity to see that broadcast before. Where now I have nothing that focuses on Business News exclusively.
        Was one of the few TV shows I watched almost daily.

      • Seems like just another step in limiting news and information that is needed for the public to make good analysis and solid decisions in their lives. This program was a national treasure. This is a grave disservice, and against the public interest. Please endeavor to find a comparable replacement.

    • I’ve been learning about our economy and the stock market since Paul Kangas days, taking notes, and steering my retired teacher’s IRA. This program was the very best, also Louis Ruykhauser’s Wall Street Week. Please, please, somebody help bring NBR or a similar PBS, commercial-free, smart guest filled program back!

        • Absolutely agree. The best two shows mentioned above have to have a replacement of some kind. Really, don’t subject use to the garbage, alarmist, “breaking news” formats! There must be at least one sane, realistic producer left?

        • I just turned on my TV to watch NBR and discovered that it wasn’t on at the usual time. After searching the internet to see what time they changed the local broadcasting to, I was shocked to learn that there would no longer be any more shows. As many others have responded, I have been watching this show for decades, since the early 80’s, and learned so much, presented in a professional unbiased manner in language easily understood by laymen. From the early days of Linda and Paul, thru the years with Susie, and lately with Bill and Sue, these very likable, talented, and intelligent folks, along with all their colleagues, have provided very interesting and often useful financial and business related news which have helped me to understand the subjects much better, in a concise daily program which I’ve tried not to miss. But I didn’t catch the last couple of shows during these holidays, and I had no clue that it was ending. Best wishes to all who were previously involved with NBR, and as many have requested in these replies, can someone at PBS or CNBC or other entity please bring back something similar to what was NBR? This show was one of the main reasons I’ve contributed my wee bit to PBS all these years. Other current financial programming as shown on CNBC or elsewhere are just not as good.

          • Like Ken, I was surprised to see a French News Station taking over my favorite NBR and didn’t know why until I search for it and got me into here.

            Hopefully, CNBC will restart again.

          • I agree with all that has been said – we are very upset that this valuable program is gone. As has been said, this program is one of the main reasons we’ve continued to contribute to PBS – members for over 40 years. We will have to try to locate financial programming elsewhere (we rarely missed NBR) – but will miss Sue, Bill and all those who’ve contributed over the years. Here’s wishing that CNBC would come to their senses and return NBR to the air!

          • More than the rug was yanked out. I built my portfolio upon the great news and info from those wonderful folks that were, and hopefully will be again, the heart of NBR.uncle ernie

          • This is EXACTLY the way I found out, and the way I watched, and feel also!
            Cheers to NBR, so sad it has ended!

          • agree 100% internet and blogs and other electronic sources cannot and do not do what the show did. I picked up, based on the persons discussing the businesses and the overall feeling projected, several good items (and a couple that did not do well but those were few). A most valuable and fairly run report on global economics and business. I have not seen any other program that could approach it. Dumb decision and just like other business decisions to go downward with the average rather than with the value added exceptional.

        • Very saddened at the discontinuation of this iconic production of pertinent info for the average”American ” investor. Much needed info will be seriously missed!! Bill and Sue are top’s w/me and will be hard to replace!! please bring it back!!!!!

      • I am deeply disappointed in CNBC’s disision to end NBR. I have watched NBR since it’s inception in 1979. Who cares if you can get similar information elsewhere. I don’t want to look elsewhere, NBR’s reporting was concise, accurate and helpful in guiding my and probably others financial decisions. Shame on CNBC’s pour decision. What’s next, are they going to get rid of “Meet the Press”, they show the same similar content as This week with George Stephanopoulos, Fox news Sunday with Chris Wallace, or Face the Nation on Sunday mornings. NBR was informative and insightful, it should be brought back.

      • Agree. I was a long-time Ruykhauser fan (learned from my Mom), then NBR. I liked the smart overall summary & selected detailed presentations – something I DON”T get from the many “talking head” programs now offered 24/7 on cable news. Sad day – one can only hope that some similar package comes along.

        • What a sad day. The loss of Nightly Business Report is apparently the shameful casualty of a currently misguided public broadcasting leadership mindset. Those who are responsible have failed in their historically understood charge to responsibly serve the public.
          To eliminate this unique and socially important financial programing, then to fill it’s time slot with just another tweet-like world news clips program nearly identical in content to the programming both before and after it, defies understanding.

          • Although it might hold some accountability, the public broadcasting leadership is not responsible for the demise of NBR. This was wholly a private broadcasting corporation’s decision. Have no doubt the profit motive of CNBC and its parent company Comcast is what determined a program of such high integrity and worth to reach this fate. We’re in late-stage capitalism, it eats itself from the inside out.

          • Comcast is clearly the primary culprit.

            Regardless, finding out about the cancellation at the end of the final show was an inexcusable insult. PBS participated in that; and they have been remarkably quiet since. If they are not looking for a viable substitute, then they have failed.

    • We are too! So disappointed that this wonderful show is ending!! Why??? Please restore!! Mary Rose and David Schlatter

    • I am deeply disappointed by CNBC’s decision. NBR had been the only business news I watched daily. It provided a consolidated view of daily business events. Other business news shows/channels are overloaded with details which feel like spams.

    • What a idiotic decision to terminate the best business show on television. Why not bring it back and add a few more commercials. You have the best audience in the land, people with money that want to invest. People that want to follow the economy and stock market. People that want to hear about the latest information on the market and the world. We can live with 6 to 8 high paying commercial per telecast. Please get it back on the air.

      • Best comment of them all.
        Why would a sponsor NOT want to reach an affluent audience? Is CNBC taking stupid pills?
        If they don’t restore NBR, I will no longer contribute to public television.
        A few commercials would be OK it that’s what it takes to bring NBR back.

        • We too will NOT be contributing to what is changing into NON public television. As with most things these days it goes to the lowest denominator and refuses to believe there is an audience of intelligent people who want to learn more. PBS is now only for children and craftspersons and not for those wanting relevant/unbiased information about their world. What a sad announcement.

      • One of the few truly valuable programs ,NBR, is now gone. This program was one of the main reasons I have supported PBS.
        You disappoint me PBS.

    • CNBC, what were/are you thinking? How do we get all these comments over to the decision makers at CNBC. My wife and I watched it every night. There is no single place to obtain the business news broadcasted by this iconic show. Dumb decision.

    • It seems PBS cannot produce its own shows. All we get are BBC re-runs and DNC propaganda from them. NBR was vital but the CNBC version never lived up to the Kangas-O’Brien-Gharib standard.

    • NBR is why I turn on my tv five days a week. I will miss it terribly. I’m sorry that intelligence in programming is out of fashion. I cannot support those who made this decision.


      • Hi Everyone. Great to see how we all generally see this issue in the same way. However, do we know if this is an effective manner to express our views? Are any decision makers noticing? Would anyone more digital have a better idea on how to collectively express our views to PBS/CNBC. Would an online petition be more effective? If so, would someone know how to do that? At least we might get a response from PBS/CNBC that shows they know of our interests.

        If it does end here I just want to say how gratifying it has been to find out that so many have shared our affection for NBR.. “The best of good buys!”

    • My husband and I just found out about the demise of NBR, and are truly unhappy to learn this heartbreaking news. Hopefully, PBS will find something equally important to take its place in the very near future.

    • I am really sad that the program was discontinued and cancelled. I always watched the program. I liked the comments and recommendations given by experts for the business and the stock market analysis. I do not know where should I get the similar type of program. If any one know please let me know. Thanks to all who broadcasted & funded and presented the program, anchors and supporting staff . I wish them well.
      I request to bring back similar type of program,
      A. Dandia
      Calgary Alberta

    • It is tragic to see the end of this very good, unbiased, highly informative business news journal in all it’s formats. When I could watch the program, I would. When I could not watch, I would listen to the podcast.

    • Seems like just another step in limiting news and information that is needed for the public to make good analysis and solid decisions in their lives. This program was a national treasure. This is a grave disservice, and against the public interest. Please endeavor to find a comparable replacement.

    • Wonder if a petition would help ge the show back on the air, just a thought. We would sign for sure……….we miss the show so much . Carol & Joe

    • Conservatives have initiated the greatest transfer of wealth from the working class to the ultra-rich in human history. Baby Boomers are retiring and Millennial’s are suffering crushing student loan debt, so who cares what the DOW Jones is doing ? Programs like this have no relevancy to people struggling to survive.

  2. This program has introduced me to a number of companies I needed to learn about. It has used understandable lay person language, for the most part, and has followed industries with somewhat more in-depth photoessays. I will dearly miss it.
    Linda Bryan, St. Paul

    • I couldn’t have said it better .I am devastated with all the garbage onT. V. Today this was a beacon of light . Maybe just Maybe it gave out to much real information to us the general public……

  3. What a loss. Did wonder when this would happen. Clearly not worth it for a profit driven company to offer a ‘free’ program. Bill and Sue and the team have been great in their consistent and thoughtful approach. No doubt will leave a void with other seniors who have seen it as their beacon through the turbulence. Thank you for the time and insight you were able to provide.



  4. Sorry to see it go. It was a precise summary of the markets with enough content to encourage a deeper dive. Hope something similar will come soon. Thanks to Bill and Sue and staff for all their hard work.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear this. What an excellent and informative program. Excellent reporting. I learn a lot. This show will be missed.

  6. Very disappointed to learn of the cancelling of the Nightly Business Report. Would hope that Comcast parent of CNBC would find a way to continue this very useful and valuable program.

  7. This singularly outstanding program has guided me through thick and thin for the past forty years.
    I was crushed to hear of its ending. Bill Griffith and Sue Herrera and the entire team have done outstanding work in the final phase of the program’s existence. All the best to all concerned.

    • Sorry to hear of this loss. Great synopsis of the daily business news. I’ve been watching this show for many years and one of the reasons I support public television.
      Thanks to the dedication of Bill and Sue. They kept the show interesting and relevant. I wish them the best in the future.

      • Oh so sad to learn of this, like others I regularly watched and enjoyed this informative show, hoping the stations will reconsider and somehow bring it back! It was a great program!

      • I’m in shock. My husband & I can hardly believe this. NBR has been part of our evening routine for years, along with PBS news hour & BBC news. Another reliable source of business news gone. Even when not at home we always taped this. All our best to Sue & Bill. By the way, I’ve been a PBS monthly supporter for years.

  8. I watched this with my dad when it first aired and continued have watching it over the past 40 years. I’m sorry to see it go. CNBC, the hosts Bill Griffith and Sue Herrera, and the rest of the reporters did a great job providing a summary of the market and introducing me to new investment opportunities, all in under 30 minutes. All of them will be missed. Upon hearing the news I searched the usual financial news sites – CNBC, Bloomberg, WSJ (and associated web sites like Marketplace) for something that could replace it in my daily routine and came up blank.

    While few organizations have the capability that CNBC has, I hope some production company steps up with a product to fill the void left by the departure of NBR. Searching for and viewing multiple two or three minute video clips to try to get the same info NBR provided just isn’t practical.

    • This is very disappointing. I’m an avid watcher now age 39 and have watched this for the past 10 years. I’ve relied on the program to be unbias in its reporting. Maybe someone will pick the show up. Uh, I’m so heartbroken. Bill and Sue have been great and Paul as well.

      • I feel the same. Such a learning tool over the years. I could cry……… you know there won’t be any quality replacement. They say there are other sources but none as succinct, unbiased, and comprehensive. And professional — don’t like screaming tv or where the financial “wizards” talk over one another. Tragic news!

    • Just like you, I have been a true addict of NBR for decades, it never came to mind, that a so well concise quality program could get off the air; i am so disappointed. This 25 minutes a day was providing a daily unbiased summary portrait of all markets, with ideas and opportunities to consider knowing the current and foreseeable geopolitical and economic situation. Sue, Bill, plus the whole team and collaborators of NBR where consistently and professionally delivering their precious thoughts to non-professional viewers like us, helping to devise our way forward. I profoundly hope NBR or a similar program will be back on PBS as it is such a loss for all.

      • I was shocked. The termination of this program came as a complete surprise. I have been watching NBR for years. It was the only news program of any kind that I felt was unbiased and provided a balanced view. There is nothing else like it on broadcast television.

    • I did the same and came up with nothing – very disappointed. One of the more interesting shows -also a show that’s not repeated ten thousand times like many of the other shows on PBS. No wonder they can’t raise any money

  9. How depressing to loose NBR. It is all we have in the evening for a thoughtful and thorough discussion of the day’s sock market events and advice for moving forward, all in a concise format. There are so many lousy programs on the air it is disturbing to loose a really great one. I sure hope it finds a new home and continues.

  10. Just finished watching what they announced as the last episode! What?? The only show on TV I look forward to watching. I’m devastated. Over the years it’s been like having two friends come into the den and discus the economy, along with a crew of excellent reporters in the field. What will happen to them? What will I watch now? TV has become such a wasteland, NBR was the only beacon of news worth watching.

    • Same here. If I missed the broadcast, I subscribed to watch it later on my computer. I received an E mail telling me of the shows ending 20 minutes before the last episode.. “Wall Street Week” Also aired every Friday on PBS, ended after it’s host, Louis Rukeyser, died and that was a real loss, but, unavoidable. This program has aired for 40 years so the small investor could keep up with what the best investments and why things happened that set us back only to offer hope for the future with positive alternatives or “just hang on” through this cycle. Now where do we go to keep up to date? Is CNBC just not able to make ends meet with PBS Stations not raising enough money since, donations are no longer “TAX DEDUCTABLE{” thanks to the “TRUMP Tax Plan”, to pay their fair share of costs? I believe this is all planed to “Dumb Down” the “little People” so the top .01 % can control the media and the wealth.

      • Great blame this on Trump. FYI charitable donations are still deductible. So not only do you not know what youre talking about, your dead wrong

        • Deductable only if you ITEMIZE and Senior couples have to give up their $25,600.00 Standard Deduction to do so. Limited to fixed income, house paid off, property taxes low, they do not itemize. Without the “Tax Deductabilty” carrot, few Seniors will squander their limited income on donations and that is what Trump wanted to kill non-profits that support maily the middle class and poor like PBS. With the economy booming, why are contributions down? Ask any non-profit and see how their current income compairs to when theTrump Tax Plan took effect. Even corporate donors are down because they do not have to donate to lower their tax burden. As far as the tax savings being passed on to workers so they would have more disposable income to donate…Ha Ha Ha.

          • You give to charities because they are charities and you do it from the kindness of your heart. If a tax deduction is your sole reason then why give at all? Giving nothing is more profitable to you than giving anything, even with a deduction.You give because you wish to help.The deduction should not matter and most likely does not matter for most individuals. If the lack of a deduction stops you, then shame. Shame to the corporations as well, if they are paying less tax then they can afford to give more, if they choose to.They have no obligation to do so.They do not exist to make you happy. They exist to make money for thier stockholders and make them happy.Theoretically anyhow, but that is another subject.

          • The reality of it is a shame. You have to be bribed with a “5 CD Collection” or a “Set of DVDs” to make a pledge. Have you noticed there are more “pledge weeks” today than 5 years ago? Maybe this loss is a “Wake up Call” to save “The news Hour” or “NOVA” by getting more involved with PBS.

          • Off topic a bit but had to reply on deductions and Trump.

            I can understand some of the dislike of the man “Trump”. However, your hatred is blinding you to understanding the 2018 tax changes. I see it as all positive with exclusion of our ballooning federal deficit as the one and only negative.

            In 2017 there were 46.5 of 150 million tax filing households that itemized. With tax changes in 2018 only 18 million or so continue to itemize. This tells you that those who previously never itemized (70% or 103.5 million households) have definitely benefitted from 2018 Standard deductions that doubled to 24K married and 12k singles. For those that use to itemize and do not anymore since 2018 (19% or 28.5 million households) it’s likely that most had benefitted and a small number with little change. The remaining 12% or 18 million households that still do itemize since 2018 are really the only ones potentially impacted.

            All things being equal in taking your previous 2017 tax details and applying same to 2018 (TurboTax) you would see that most of the 89% or 132 of 150 million tax filing households benefitted with less “Federal” taxes and more dollars in their pockets. Note that Trump dealt with Federal taxes and not State taxes. States like Illinois raised taxes since 2018 so a very small percentage may have seen a smaller benefit.

            Now, with that out of the way let us look at ONLY the 12% or 18 million households that still do itemize since 2018. These are the folks that are hit with paying a bit more with the 2018 Federal tax limit on deduction for state and local property taxes capped at $10,000.

            I am one of the 12% impacted and saw a loss of 3K that I could no longer deduct. I’d consider myself well off but not rich and am willing to accept this change. My reasons are because certain states (New York, California) and some high property tax communities were basically being subsidized by our Federal government prior to 2018. These areas were able to raise their property taxes to extremes (collect larger state/local revenues) knowing that they can tell constituents it can be deducted fully from Federal taxation.

            The above is money taken away from Federal government and delivered to these high state/local taxing communities that just tax more and more for their spending. One can surmise that it’s only the 12% top end and well off households in high state/local taxing communities that are impacted by the 10K limit.

            I am single with earnings of 100K+ and owe 289K on my mortgage. Like in New York and California I live in a high tax community. I still itemize with my mortgage interest 11K, charitable donations 4K and property taxes 13K (but since 2018 only 10K max allowed). I see my statistics as being in the 12% impacted on the low end range of affected parties.

            See the facts and if do not believe then retry your 2018 taxes (TurboTax) using 2017 details to see you likely benefitted (Federal only) being in the 89%. The next step is fighting you state/local on having a better deduction on property taxes OR even better reducing it.

        • Nicely irrelevant Donald. Now go join the buffoonery squad that thrives on public ignorance and believes the pathological lies of an illegitimate POTUS.

    • And now they are replacing it with a repeat of the yesterday’s BBC world news, shown locally here at 6 AM. Wow.! Public TV just lost one of their better shows.

      • I agree with every word! I am utterly puzzled, why would CNBC end one of their finest, most valuable, interesting and informative programs?????

  11. Sorry to see this program leave the air. We watched for a long time for news on what’s going on in the market place. It was more informative than watching the evening news. Hope they find another home.

  12. I too watched in long ago in FL with my dad nightly. Through it he taught me about businesses and stocks. When CNBC took it over I saw a change that gave me pause to continue to watch the show with some of the commentary like CNBC, more and more conservative. I am disappointed and not surprised that Comcast with all their profit motives did not continue to support the show with past decisions to cut staff and infuse its ideas competing with NBR for many. I don’t watch CNBC and will not now turn to it w/o NBR! Sad like so many things to see it finish such a long run. Best to hosts and staff.

  13. This is a major disservice to people who enjoyed. Learned and benefited from the scope of information.
    Quality programming is clearly not what you are striving for .
    What a shame !

  14. Unique, informative and intelligent financial news reporting and a must-see for us every weeknight. We are crushed to learn that NBR has been cancelled.

  15. It is a great loss for all the viewers! An excellent show with in depth coverage of the financial trends.
    Hopefully the station will be able to continue a similar program: or even bring NBR back)
    It will be dearly missed! So sorry to see it cease production

    • Yes, NBR will be greatly missed. It was my reason for turning on the tv each evening as it was interesting, informative and unbiased. Unfortunately, that can not be said of most news reporting with the possible exception of NHK news.

  16. So sorry to hear of the closing NBR! I have been a faithful viewer since the beginning. Bill & Sue did great in closing out such informative news of the market on Wall Street. NBR will be missed!!!

  17. BIG BIG loss!! Terrible decision what with all the junk on television lately. Trust some group will muster the common sense to replace NBR with an equally informative show. Will surely be missed!

  18. BIG loss!! Terrible decision what with all the junk on television lately. Trust some group will muster the common sense to replace NBR with an equally informative show. Will surely be missed!

  19. So Sorry to see this program go! What a loss this leaves a big gap. This brought me to watching PBS and to contributing to the station. This program got me through some tough times in the market and I learned a lot about companies and investing. Do hope someone will fill this gap or bring this program to another home. This is a much needed and educational program. the anchors were wonderful and reliable, I wish them luck.

  20. Well, bummer! For the past couple of years I’ve had a regular routine of watching the first half hour of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money program from 5 to 5:30 pm and then NBR from 5:30 to 6 pm. That solid hour of Wall Street news gave me as much investment information as I could get from reading the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times cover to cover, which I often don’t have the time to do. I will miss NBR.

  21. My husband and I truly enjoyed this program
    And are really disappointed to see that it has been discontinued.
    I have been a long time supporter of public television and have always appreciated the
    Factual, straight forward programming.
    This is a true disservice to the public .
    Poor business decision and a loss for the viewers

  22. I am shocked and disappointed to learn that tonight was the last NBR. I so looked forward to this wonderful, educational show. I watch very little TV, but I never missed this one. A great loss to PBS.

  23. Such a loss! So many “news” shows have proven to hold bias for political and other reasons. NBR set a standard for truthful, trusted quality reporting. This program and their hosts will be very missed. Thank you for so many years of your service.

  24. I miss Louis Richard Rukeyser and Wall Street Week. First taught me about the stock market and how to filter what I heard on NBR.

  25. Very disappointed! Watched nightly for years. I hope it comes back in a similar format. Yes there are other sources of economic news but NBR was special.

  26. Just got public TV coming in after purchasing a decent antenna and reconnected with NBR… only to hear this bad news! Hope something comes to fill the considerable void! Great show it was!

  27. Such a huge loss. I’m not typically business minded but NBR sparked my interest and taught me so much. Bill & Sue were such pleasant hosts. They translated, what would normally be confusing, into understandable terms & graphics. I was glued to the show from beginning to end & finally felt informed. Please fill the void with financial news, comparable in integrity, clarity, and intelligence.

  28. I am so sad to just hear of this cancellation on tonight’s program. What a huge loss. I have been watching since the Paul Kangas days of his daily closing comment “wishing you the best of good/buys”. I really thought the job Bill did since CNBC took over was wonderful. Very sad viewer here.

  29. Just learned tonight is last episode.
    Very disappointed. Please replace with another objective program regarding markets.

  30. The only show on TV that doesn’t have a slanted political agenda! This has been a staple in our house for some time and could always be relied on to present a well rounded analysis of the business decisions and current financial climate. Makes you want to cry!

  31. What a big disappointment. Bill and Sue along with the other reporters provided a succinct and informative business program. NBR produced by CNBC will be greatly missed.

  32. Losing NBR seems to go hand in hand with the demise of the local newspaper. Content is all that seems to matter anymore given the ease of accessibility of all kinds of data, but the value not the means of how it is delivered is something that is on the verge of being lost forever.

  33. Very disappointed. I’m sure a business decision, but a bad one for many loyal viewers.
    Great while it lasted. Hope there is a future somewhere.

  34. I am stunned to learn of the ending of this valuable program that provided authoritative business news. I’ve been a viewer for more than 35 years. This is a great loss for quality television.

  35. This is the only program on television that I would actually pay to watch. How stupid to close it down. Didn’t anybody think to offer it as a subscription channel?

  36. I have been watching this program ever since it started. I am shocked to learn that this program will be no more. Sue Herera perhaps is the best reporter in my judgement. May be NBC can start nightly business report on their own. They can keep the same team and earn lot of bonus points from those who love NBR.

    Habib A. Zuberi

  37. I looked forward to this show each evening. I was able to find it on a npr channel in most locations and stream it a day late when abroad. It will be a big loss.

  38. The loss of this educational program is a programming tragedy! As contributors to public programming this is a great disappointment. Unfortunately the network that asks for financial support from their viewers has made a serious error in judgment by allowing Nightly Business Report to be removed. The anchors, Bill and Sue, were professional, personable and well informed. The featured contributors were insightful and informative. We have lost a valuable resource and it is my sincere hope that the program will find a new home and continue to be an excellent source of necessary financial information.

  39. Very sorry to see NBR has been terminated. I often watched this show and looked forward to it.
    You will be missed.

  40. So bummed out , watched this every night. So much junk on TV, this was so helpful to me. Wow, more loss!! I loved Sue and Bill, best of luck to them. Bring it back you are making a mistake!!!!

  41. Extremely disappointed! Have been tuning in for over 20 years. Cut the lean to save the fat. This simple, yet useful, program has been a joy to watch for so many years. I am truly saddened and shocked to hear this. My best to those that contributed to this program for so many years.

  42. I am not surprised. Comcast is a very profit oriented company and doesn’t like to give anything away for free. I am going to tell all my friends to boycott NBC and Comcast for internet service. It would be one thing if the company was losing money but it is doing very well. Perhaps they are trying to get people to go over to CNBC and then charge more for ads. What a shame. Such an excellent program that has brought forth many experienced voices to comment on the market.
    Would like to know the best half hour alternative to this show if anyone has ideas.

  43. Surly the ratings couldn’t have been that low, to cut the show?
    They say that there are other resources to receive this type of news, sure, at CNBC
    But would they extend their regular program until 7. Eastern for the blue collar, Hum
    After the National News I guess I’ll go to the Weather Channel next

  44. Very sorry to lose NBR. It caught me totally by surprise tonight. It has been informative and objective, and I have trusted it for the past 15 years. It ‘is’ (hard to say ‘was’) head and shoulders above other shows that attempt to cover the same ground.

    It is incredibly difficult to establish such a solid reputation and develop a following; so in contrast to the top-notch performance by the show’s creators, the decision to abandon seems short-sighted and lacking in imagination. Aside from multiple cost cutting programs, what else did they try? For example — although I enjoy and prefer good journalism served without interruption — I would have watched this show even if they decided to sprinkle in a few advertisements at key points in the show.

    The work by the show’s staff has been exceptional. I hope that someone either picks up the show or recreates it. In any case, I wish the best for all the talented staff.

  45. I am so disappointed. I intended to start to teach my grandchildren about stocks by listening to Nightly Business News with them. It is clear, concise, and interesting. I believe this was a disservice to our community as a whole. Best of everything to Bill and Sue, a great team.

  46. I think people should respectfully request that CNBC reconsider its decision to leave NBR and PBS. NBR run by CNBC was particularly good as a daily review of the major business news of the day, the various equity markets, the economy including importantly housing for various age groups and income levels, and investing. Being supported by the strong, experienced CNBC reporters and their interview contacts, NBR was as good as it gets and my series record program will miss them.
    Being an old guy I have to tell y’ all, based upon my personal experience, CNBC is making a big mistake walking away from NBR. It is deserting a winner. (I hope that this situation wasn’t created by some pencil pushing bean counter trying to cut corners without any thought to NBR’s audience or PBS. Please do not forget noblesse oblige.)

  47. I feel like I lost a friend that I spent time with every week night. This was a very high quality program and despite there being “other sources”, this program provided a public service with a succinct, yet thorough, overview of the financial happenings of the day. I thought public service was what Public TV was all about? I have watched this program since the days of recording it on my VCR. In the past year, my young adult children have been avid viewers as well. With all the discussion of young adults not getting a financial education, what better program than this to do so?! I am very sad today.

  48. I just heard the news! I am a loyal fan for over a decade. I learned so much from it! Please reconsider and/or offer something of similar substance. Great job!

  49. In all my two decades+ of watching NBR, I had thoroughly enjoyed it and NEVER expected PBS nor CNBC to pull the plug! I’m truly saddened. It’s the only decent business news I watch in the evening after a long hard day for non-biased business reporting and savvy investment advises and insights. I implore, actually beg, CNBC and particularly PBS to replace and insert another very similar program in its place and possibly bring back all the friends of NBR to re-enter our lives and homes in the evening for their excellent reporting. Thank you for all your years of services and made a difference in my life.

  50. Greatly distressed to learn today that this evening’s airing of NBR is its last. I’ve been watching NBR for more than a decade now and it is the reason I stayed sane through the financial crisis from a decade ago and the mini-meltdown we had this time last year. Like many others have said this is probably the one program I would wholeheartedly pay for. Incredible how decisions like this come about.

  51. This is tragic beyond words… I watch every night on YouTube at exactly 730. Although i don’t let the show influence any of my decisions, it has become a very reliable source of information without the bias opinions of the mainstream. NBR you will truly be missed..

  52. Whaaat!??? Don’t get it. This was a quality broadcast with no equal on networks, period. I really hope another production enterprise, or NPR, continues this program. CNBC needs to explain their decision to pull the show, since for us avid, loyal viewers, it makes no sense.

  53. What a shock, one of the few programs worth watching. The views and market analysis have been a great contributor to my financial knowledge and decision making for decades. I am speechless and am at a loss on how to replace the valuable information NBR has provided. What a sad day. Devastated!

  54. I know that the powers that be are like a” THREE LEGGED JACKASS” that has been dragging itself thru the Cactus Patch the last few years. YOU PEOPLE HAD A GOOD SHOW AND YOU CHOSE TO END IT.
    FOWL STUFF. Thanks corporate america, BUT NO THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Very sorry to see this go. This has been a very helpful program for many decades. Those of us depending on PBS for this program have lost a valuable resource. Best wishes to everyone who worked on this high quality program.

  56. This was the only news for which we turned the television on.
    Mostly because the rest of the so-called “news” has become manipulation and propaganda.

  57. It was a shock to learn that tonight’s NBR was the last. This program was the only show that I would watch just about every evening, and one of the reason for my being a member of KQED/PBS. I share the same sentiments in the previous comments: among many (bad) shows, this good show does not deserve to be cut.

  58. The show has no equal. Sorry it is ending. Both of my sons grew up watching it with me and now live in other states. When we talk an NBR segment generally comes up. This quality, informative business show will be missed.

  59. Comcast, please reconsider your decision on NBR. Excellent business information delivered in an educational and non-partisan manner!

  60. I join the chorus; I am in shock and so disappointed. I love very few TV shows and this is one I just love. It really fills a void that is not filled anywhere else. No where else can you tune in each day and hear unbiased reporting on the news and the stock market.

  61. This decision is sad news for investors and anyone who wants to try to understand the complex world of business. We’ve been viewers for many years, and will feel this loss big time. Our best wishes to Sue And Bill and everyone associated with this fine program.
    Was this just another “business decision” without regard for ordinary consumers?

  62. So sorry to hear that tonight’s show was the last. I truly enjoyed watching and learning about the economy. I hope NBC/ Comcast will.reconsider their decision.

  63. I feel blindsided!! Did not see this coming. Such a valuabke and respected program. CNBC, I will be pulling my support from you. This is a big mistake and very poorly communicated to the public. Thank you to all those who made this show a success.

  64. Ditto to all of the above! I almost fell over when I heard this just announced! There is nothing like this program. I am a new investor and have watched faithfully the last two years and learned a lot! Hopefully another station will continue this? Even if viewers paid a subscription fee to watch it it would be very worthwhile.

  65. I feel blindsided!! Did not see this coming. Such a valuable and respected program. CNBC, I will be pulling my support from you. This is a big mistake and very poorly communicated to the public. Thank you to all those who made this show a success.

  66. I was so shocked and dissapoonted to hear Bill announce at the end of todays show that thia would be the final telecast. And it was so nice to close with the proverbial goodbye from Paul Kangas.
    I have watched religiously for at least 20 years and have come to depend on the reports at the end of the trading day to wrap up what happened each day. With clear, sinple language and great graphic presentations they guided me through each day. And the guest comentaries helped me to pick new stoks to add to my watch list, many of which have done well.
    As a sustaining contributor to PBS, I can only implore that that some comparable program can fill that spot because any investor will tell you that there is currently no other like NBR.

  67. What a loss. If this is due to Comcast, as it appears to be, I am reconsidering my Comcast service. In the meanwhile, I will confine my business news to Bloomberg.
    I’m not sure that Comcast understands what its subsidiary received in good will for parenting with PBS. Maybe some of our dear billionaire supporters of what is good public policy will pick up and fund this program. Nightly Business New Report in cooperation with Bloomberg New? Please, PBS, explore the options.

  68. This is terrible news. I’ve been watching this great program for more years than I can remember. Back to the Paul Kangas era. Where else can you go for daily information on the market in thirty minutes. Could it be that CNBC just couldn’t watch Trump’s markets go to all time highs because of the great economy right now? Just a thought.

  69. I am outraged and stunned at the cancellation of NBR. What on earth are CNBC, Comcast and all the other decision makers thinking? Have they no understanding of their roll in educating the public about the daily state of the economy and the markets? This truly stupid decision is one more example of Comcast’s greed and myopic focus on the almighty dollar.

  70. I was so shocked and dissapoonted to hear Bill announce at the end of todays show that thia would be the final telecast. And it was so nice to close with the proverbial goodbye from Paul Kangas.
    I have watched religiously for at least 20 years and have come to depend on the reports at the end of the trading day to wrap up what happened each day. With clear, sinple language and great graphic presentations they guided me through each day. And the guest comentaries helped me to pick new stoks to add to my watch list, many of which have done well.
    As a sustaining contributor to PBS, I can only implore that that some comparable program can fill that spot because any investor will tell you that there is currently no better better market news program.

    • I totally agree. I am shocked! I have watched NBR for over 20 years. My first go to program daily.
      Please PBS, or CNBC give us back NBR or an equal.

  71. The Best Financial Synopsis broadcast expires with nothing to replace it. Totally non-partial. Steady reporting through good times and bad. Too calm, too factual, too non-controversial, Too bad. I guess you could watch Faux business snooze.

    • So sad! NBR is a must see. As important as the national news. This is really not a good decision! Please, let’s reconsider the decision because of the national impact. Too many investors will be negatively affected.

  72. What a terrible shock! Maybe if they had announced it a week ago… no, that wouldn’t have mattered. We oldsters should be used to having things we value being chipped away by today’s culture. So many of these changes feel like mistakes. (Yes, yes, many new things are great.)

    I knew very little about stocks, bonds, etc. until I started watching Wall Street Week, now long gone. I learned even more from the NBR, now freshly gone. I’m thankful for the good work of NBR, and wish everyone that made the show the best.

    Will the next announcement be that PBS is gone? (Please donate.)

  73. I can’t believe NBR was cancelled. I have been watching the show nightly since it went into syndication from the beginning. Back when I taped it on my VCR if I wasn’t going to be home to never missing it with my DVR. So much business news in a half hour it was great. It’s going to be greatly missed. I don’t have 5 hours to watch CNBC and end up with information overload. Brian Bergin

  74. Shocked to hear! In today’s low quality tv, this show set the standards for quality business news. PBS – please it bring back or something if equal standard. These are they types of shows why we would consider supporting public broadcasting.

  75. I think it’s a mistake to drop a National Financial and business program. Nightly Business Report has brought financial literacy to the average person. I will really miss it.

  76. VERY DISAPPOINTING! I feel like demanding
    a refund of my recent PBS contribution!
    While there is an abundance of financial info on CNBC, I valued NBR, which I have recorded nightly for the past 6 years, because it was so concise. I don’t have the time to wade thru the
    plethora of CNBC info daily.?

    • I agree completely. It appears the decision was on the CNBC side, not PBS, to cancel. Exact reason for the cancellation is unclear. I don’t know the shows national ratings or average number of viewers, but it filled a place in my nightly ‘news of the day’ viewing. The show was a good fit and surely at minimal cost to CNBC since they used their vast international news gathering resources and deep bench of talent to present the 30 minute weeknight shows which often repackaged or summarized material broadcast earlier in CNBC. Puzzling decision. Perhaps the benefit of reaching a PBS audience was not worth the cost to some nameless executive(s) somewhere…

    • Terrible loss of a concise informative program for working people and others who, fortunately, can’t spend hours watching the business channels which are often unfocused with trivial chatter among hosts. Why are viewers’ satisfaction with this type of program going back to Louis Rukeyser ignored by a monopolistic cable provider?

  77. I am stunned, baffled and confused. Why has the Nightly Business Report been cancelled? It makes no sense at all. I feel so lost and let down. This can’t be happening. I need my Nightly Business Report every evening at dinnertime. It is/was an informative, insightful evening report. It kept us informed and alert. Why weren’t the viewers consulted? The answer would have been a resounding “NO!” This was truly quality programming. Who did this and why???

  78. From the news article above, this wasn’t American Public Television’s decision:

    “APT first learned of the decision Nov. 4. “We were just sorry to hear they made that decision,” said an APT spokesperson. “From our perspective, it was a business decision.” APT has distributed the show for most of its 40-year run.”

    Sounds like CNBC pulled the plug and there was nothing PBS could do about it. That’s what happens when quality programming gets acquired by mega-broadcasters – they don’t care about content value… just the bottom line. Sad

  79. The NBR team should go on the air anyway. Just tell me where I can see them. Maybe on a different network. Or on YouTube. We can’t just let them go! we need them!!!

  80. Such a loss, quality concise financial reporting. Our country is getting dumbed down w reality tv and less intelligent programming.

  81. I am beyond disgust at this decision. It is so difficult to find anything informative and of quality on television these days. I’ve been watching this for so many years and have great respect for the team. I
    wish them well and hope this program shows up somewhere else. I’m terrified that the News Hour is next.
    Jolene Wallace

  82. What a shock. One of the most informative and helpful business programs on the air today. Watched with my father for years, and learned about the stock market and learned about financial matters for my family.
    This is a very sad day. Can’t believe that this program will no longer be on the air.
    Where ever I was in the country I always knew I could check on what was current
    In the financial world.

  83. What a shock. One of the most informative and helpful business programs on the air today. Watched with my father for years, and learned about the stock market and learned about financial matters for my family.
    This is a very sad day. Can’t believe that this program will no longer be on the air.
    Where ever I was in the country I always knew I could check on what was current in the financial world.

  84. NBR was a really good show. I checked the schedule and the Consuelo Mack Show on Saturday seems to still be on. But for this couple half of our PBS viewing was me watching this show while on the treadmill.

  85. This was what would get me to leave the office and come home-had to make the 8pm broadcast, didn’t want to watch online. Not the same.

    This show made me a wealthy man. Not enough to buy the show back, but financially independent. Only way we keep this going is for enough of us to pool our money and buy it back. If APT and PBS pursue that course of action, I’d help fund it and ask others to join me.

    Paul Kangas is rolling over in his grave.

    • The most intelligent financial program just ends, done, gone? Can anything be done to encourage the continuation of this excellent program? Frankly I am in total shock and feel utterly abandoned. does anyone have suggestions as to where to even begin to find a substitute, or better yet protest to the producers of this highly valued program? Is it Comcast who pulled the plug? Help!

  86. To be honest, Bill Griffith was great, but Sue Herrera helped get this once-great show cancelled. She was getting worse and worse. She barely knew what she was reading, and she looked awful some nights. They could have easily replaced her with any one of the great CNBC correspondents available, but they chose not to. I’m sure viewership was down, and that’s what mattered to CNBC. Did you notice she didn’t even participate in the final broadcast?! That’s how little she cared. She knows.

    • “…she looked awful some nights.” Good grief, this is 2019 and you still think like this? And feel ok about posting it? How about focusing on what is important about women, which is everything except their looks.

    • Sue Herrera was a class act. I love her! And of course, you complain about her looks… typical criticism of a woman in the spotlight. I applaud her for all the great work she did, and Bill too.

  87. I too watched the Nightly Business Report with my father back to it’s beginning. Stunned to find out tonight at 11:30 when Bill said it was the last.Im surprised that Sue Herrera was not there for the last show. Paul Kangas felt like family to me. Bill and Sue and Bob Pisani do as well as most of the gang at CNBC. I’ve spent the last 20 years as a trader… It’s been a crazy ride. Wishing you the best of good buys!

    • Thanks for the feedback link. We just started watching NBR two years ago and have been daily viewers and PBS supporters. NBR has been our go to place for financial news and information. It feels absolutely awful to see it end. Please bring the show back! We all need it.

    • Thanks for the link. I sent them my concerns with respect to cancelling NBR and the lack of available quality business information available to the general public.

    • Thank you so much for the link. I made sure to submit my deep regret and hope others make their feelings known too.

      As a loyal NBR viewer for over a decade, I’m just grappling with the decision to cancel this iconic program that served the public for 40 years. Was it too expensive to produce? Is it’s viewership not equitable? I’m truly saddened for the loyalist that NBR will no longer be enriching our lives and forever gone leaving a void that can’t be replaced.

  88. I shall be reflecting on this betrayal next fund raising crusade. Twice a year I have pledged and paid. No more. I wonder how many more might feel the same, the shame.

    • Just so you know, this was not PBS’s decision. Unless you’re talking about donating to CNBC or it’s parent company Comcast whose fully responsible for NBR’s demise, you might want to rethink your position.

      • I don’t get it.
        APT fully funded it. How is it a CNBC decision?
        Seems like was a slippery slope since PTV cut funding by necessity some years ago and staff cuts happened.

        • APT funded the production, but it never was meant to be a profit making enterprise. It was done as a service for public television. Billionaire corporations like Comcast couldn’t give a rats @$$ about anything but their bottom line when it comes right down to it. It’s surprising it lasted as long as it did, “produced by CNBC”. It’s just a shame that APT and PBS didn’t have more time to find another production company to pick it up. Or maybe they just don’t care either, the way things are going…..

  89. We are deeply disappointed that this program is being discontinued! We have been regular viewers since the late 1980s and occasional viewers before that. We learned so much from watching the program. We often followed up in greater detail on topics we first learned from NBR. It was a shock to learn of it’s cancellation, and it will be greatly missed.

  90. To end this broadcast is absolutely disgusting and highly disappointing to let many long time views like my self down it’s like your love mate packing up their thing and walking out on long time relationship without any reason. I am truly sad!

  91. I want to thank Nightly Business Report for keeping me informed on investing over the years. I taped every show so I wouldn’t miss it. Taking this show off of the air is a big mistake. Anyone who found it, benefitted from watching it. CNBC should reconsider the value this show has had on CNBC itself. NBR will be missed and even all the information one can get from watching CNBC all day, does not match the value of just one nightly show of NBR. Thank you NBR. -Gregg Lorenz, Bucks County PA.

  92. Unbelievable…clear, concise and accurate business reporting and CNBC cancelled it. Why am I not surprised…..fluff, klutz and glamour, first. Critical business analysis last. Disappointing.

  93. PBS is the place for this professional non biased type of Business Update nightly program. The bias on other channels has become nearly ridiculous. This truly was a very informative and professionally presented institution. I am shocked and disappointed.
    Please replace it with exactly the same quality of nightly business reporting anything less would be unacceptable . They set the bar , but we must reach for a higher bar on television then the garbage that is promoted while the truly informative or family values style TV is destroyed. A sad day for a reliable information institution. Best wishes to all effected by poor management decisions, hopefully it will benefit them to a greater degree in the long run after all they are exactly what we need on TV . The dumbing down of the nation just took a huge step in that direction.

    • I’ve watched it for over 30 years. but “non-biased” ? Sorry, I can’t agree with that. It was biased towards glorifying corporations, & the stock market. And against labor & human (non-corporate) values. I would also mention lack of accountability of commentators. And correspondents who (especially the real estate correspondent) sometimes appeared to be voicing VNR’s provided by publicists & industry groups. There were some good things (obviously. why else would I keep watching ?). To my mind the program lost its mojo about a year before Linda O Bryon left. Something was definitely wrong during her final year. And then came Susie Gharib, who I thought was horrible. A couple more ownership/production changes and then CNBC – which never seemed to care about the program. Yes, I will miss it. But I am not going to pretend that it was exceptionally good.

      • We live in a capitalistic economy. That’s what they reported on. When I did hear a report on labor relations, it was always fair and non-discriminatory. Just the facts. Hell, they even dared to report on the effects of climate change once in a while. Try finding that on the cable financial networks. You won’t. Which is just the way the corporate overlords want it.

  94. The Nightly Business Report was my one “must see” television program; if it was in some way pre-empted, or if something kept me away from the television when it aired, I’d seek it on-line. With its cancellation, a hole has been knocked into my life. I dearly wish for something as good, or nearly so, to come up. Please! Anybody?

  95. They should have stuck to the Paul Kangas format. You knew what moved the market every part of the day and learned a lot. It was required watching for serious investors. New format wasted money on-location shots, did not have market pros like Pisani every day so just needs to be redone the old way. Here it was: Any tips for a comprehensive daily market news summary? It was not as good as it should have been but was the only one.

  96. I agree with the above statements. It was sort of recap of what was on CNBC during day, in case you miss part of the daytime program. I am very active in stock market and will miss this program as a great source for stock market information.

  97. Please bring NBR back. Willing to pay for it!!!! Commercials ok! Brought very important
    Advice/knowledge into my life.-

  98. I feel like I have a master’s degree in finance due to NBR and due to Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser. I have watched and recorded these programs nightly since 1980. What a huge loss for me but even more so for younger individuals who have not received the education that I have. These programs are the major reason that I have contributed to public television(they helped me make money so I feel that I should give something back). I will be looking for a substitute program but I strongly feel that i will not find one as good as NBR. To all involved in NBR, thank you.

  99. We will miss you NBR! What a loss! Stunned, baffled and confused. Yada yada yada.

    Those of us who care about this need to determine exactly which organization is the decision-maker – PBS, Comcast, CNBC, American Public Television or ?? and begin a formal letter-writing campaign or petition to get them back on the air ASAP. If it’s $$, let us know. If it’s other priorities of their business, let us know that too. If it was only a handful of us viewers who loved the show, just tell us!

    This is an absolutely ridiculous decision. Those of us who are passionate about this show need to take coordinated action!

    I got to this “Current” page when I searched ‘NBR.’ If there are other wider audience web sites, we should share that information. I, for one, am not ready to tell NBR “rest in peace!”

    • From what I’ve read, PBS and APT was fully against this decision and was as shocked as the rest of us about it. The suits at CNBC and its parent company Comcast were the ones who decided to pull the plug. We can speculate as to the reasons behind it, but try persuading a corporate behemoth like Comcast to give a rats @$$ about what the general public thinks. It’s just a shame that APT/PBS couldn’t find another production company to take over the show although given such short notice that probably would have been difficult.

  100. I read every comment up to 12/27, 8:39pm, and agree with almost every statement.
    I, too, only learned tonight of this loss and hope PBS will find another source that will continue to inform and educate us on financial matters.
    I depended on NBR to help me make investment decisions and have done quite well because of the info provided by this show.
    Surely there is some bright person out there that will take notice of an opportunity to fill this void and make some money too.

  101. I suppose this was inevitable. After “Wall Street Week with Louie Rukeyser” was cancelled, this became my “go to” business channel. What now? The lightning round with Jim Cramer? No thanks. I genuinely miss the sophisticated extended interviews on Wall Street Week, and the enlightening interviews on NBR. There’s not much on TV I care to watch…

  102. I feel betrayed by CNBC. NBR is watched by people throughout the world thru the internet. I watched it from the Philippines. It is the ONLY SOURCE of my investing literacy. Before I invest in any one stock, I have to watch first NBR before I sank a penny in the stock market. This is a problem with companies like CNBC who LOVES MONEY and doesn’t care about public service. They forgot that for the love of money is the root of all evil. And maybe they’re thinking that I’d switch to watching CNBC or NBC, you’re very wrong. I’ll tell my friends to boycott your stations.

  103. A very poor decision to end this program and it marks a further deterioration in the quality of programming in the US.
    There is a real need for programming like this. Bloomberg is very technical and not for the general public, CNBC is poor quality and somewhat mindless as are most of the other outlets. NBR was low key, factual without all the drama and all the better for it.
    A sad loss.

  104. This highlights a trend in the USA – the only thing that matters is profits. A cursory review of NBR history reveals staff cuts and layoffs after every sale of NBR. Viewership and quality were not important – only profits. It does not seem to matter if a program provides knowledge and information [such as NBR] – what matters is how much profit it generates. It saddens me that this program is over.
    We are left with programs in which groups of people are on the TV screen at the same time often raising their voices and not allowing other speakers to finish their sentences. We are left with tweets twisting facts and reality.
    We have lost another program that helped us understand the world around us.

    • Well said.
      As I commented elsewhere, something went wrong a year or so before Linda O’ Bryan left the show. And it went downhill ever since.

      • The only thing that seems to count/sell these days is Sports.
        It’s given the Priority of the Airwaves.
        Even “60 minutes” (quality and knowledge) is delayed on Sundays because the Sports event airing before it is not yet finished.

  105. NBR along with Wall Street Week were great business programs that taught America finance. I will miss NBR after watching it since Paul Kangas days.

  106. I am really disappointed . In 30 minutes we had a very good portrait of the stock market situation. Sue and bill ,were very good. I was listening to the program from Cassie Siefert and Paul Kangas.
    Benoit Beaulne
    Montreal and Boca Raton

  107. I watched it everyday and enjoy the well informed of economic prospective of the world.
    Very sad to see the only finance program on NPR goes.
    Good luck to the people who care about financial well beings and understand social connection with economic picture. @pbs @cnbc

  108. We learned last night of the demise of the NBR ad were shocked! Bummer. My wife and I watch NBR most every weekday evening on WETA and then the PBS News Hour. They are by far the best “real” news shows in the United States. We value the breadth and depth of the reporting and interviews. We are both attorneys, retired, but engaged in public affairs and find BR a most informative show and not because of investment information. NBR really presents an intelligent and fact-based approach to business news which necessarily touches on many social and public policy issues.

    Our dinner dates each weekday evening include enjoying and discussing what we learn on NBR and then the PBS News Hour. Great reporting, the best journalism, and no obnoxious commercials. Both print and broadcast journalism are tanking hurting our democracy as we so desperately need an educated electorate to keep our democracy strong. So much of network and even other cable TV is dribble.

  109. This was the best most informative business show on TV, why would
    you ever take it off. I have watched this show for years what a shame to see it go.

  110. Like many, my jaw dropped when I heard Bill thanked the viewers and announced that last night’s broadcast was their last. I have been watching NBR since the late 90’s before the internet bubble burst with Paul and Susie and sorry to see it go.

  111. What a shame..of all the JUNK that is on TV these days one program that provided essential information to the American Public is cancelled. Is this the beginning of the end in terms of unbiased, straight forward information that actually benefits the American Public…What a shame.

  112. My husband and I’ve watched NBR longer than I can remember. My mother and father watched the program. My Dad, an immigrant with 6 years of education, was able to leave a substantial legacy by watching the program and my father-in-law and his wife watched in Florida and with us when they would visit. They also did not leave this earth poor because they learned so much. It was the one TV program that was allowed during dinner. Our daughter grew up watching the program and her first job out of college was with an investment firm. Now her 4 older children ages 15 to 20 mention different companies as potential investments for us and are very much aware of the stock market. Her oldest is majoring in economics in college and trades with an online trading company–all from the influence that their mother and we have been able to impart from NBR. We were hoping it would be around to help teach her younger children. as well. That 1/2 hour program is the most educational, impartial program on television–capable of teaching people about the force that drives the world economy. It encourages saving and investing–a much needed attribute according to statistics–verses spending. I used to be a contributor to PBS but have become discouraged with its content being less informative/educational and more entertaining/political. Canceling NBR is just an example of what is going on with public television. I’m hoping that a savvy sponsor will rescue the show. What an opportunity to gain an intelligent, grateful, moneyed audience!

  113. This is the program that started me in investing. Truly a tragedy it will no longer be on. But kudos to Bill Griffith and Sue Herrera well done

  114. I have been watching this show NBR since I saw the first showing with my father who is now deceased since I was 15 years old. My father taught me about the stock market and advised me to constantly educate yourself about many details of companies on the exchanges and study daily to understand the fundamentals of becoming a savvy investor. I learned how to read financial statements before I graduated high school. After college I decided to follow my passion for cars and opened a body shop in the San Francisco Bay Area. The proceeds of my earnings went into the business but some invested in high quality dividend growing companies. I watched NBR nightly and took what I learned to even a higher level. I sold my business in 2014 and I am a full time investor.
    I thank NBR for giving me all the tools and information through the years prior and post internet. If this show can continue in anyway I certainly will watch it each and every night. What a complete unbiased financial television program with fantastic industry guest speakers input.
    Last night was one of the saddest evenings I have had due to I will miss this very special program.

  115. I have watching NBR since I saw the show. I looked forward it, and learning about the shock , and investments. I really will miss it. I have learned so much from the program. I want to thank NBR for all the information. What can I do now?

  116. My father is very disappointed and shocked. He watched it religiously every night and truly enjoyed the programming. As to other avenues of information I say nonsense! Not everyone has access to the internet!! Or the computer finesse to retrieve the information not to mention the financial expertises offered here. Some consideration should be given to those without a “smart phone savvy”

  117. I can not understand what other financial programming fills the void of this show…I’m very disappointed with this decision. If we get more programming to satisfy the 146 character crowd of the times we live in….I’ll boycott that…

  118. I can’t explain it, but when I heard NBR was ending, it profoundly saddened me, unlike the ending of any other show in my life.

  119. very sad day for people who try to manage their retirement accounts so they can have enough money to retire in the future without government assistance and leave to charitable organizations. with demise of pensions its important for people to know how to manage and invest money in ira’s and 401k’s etc themselves without experts who charge so much or are dishonest. clark howard radio show and dave ramsey radio show is best way to learn now.

  120. please reconsider continuing NBR, in this day and time it’s one of the few programs I trust and enjoy. It’s for sure not fake news. It made the country if not the world a better place. Thank you either way.

  121. I wish to thank all of the wonderful people before and behind the cameras of this wonderful show. Have been an avid and regular viewer since its inception, four decades ago. I am not at all surprised by the outpouring of sorrow shown in listener reactions and, although saddened, am proud to add my own. Also hats off to the many professionals from Wall Street and elsewhere who I will also miss. I hope someone new will see the vacuum and take advantage of it. Again, my strongest Thank You for a great show.

  122. I seriously feel like I have lost my best friend. NBR was an informative honest report of the current state of the economy. There was no bias, just straight forward content. I acquired a lot of knowledge from this half hour evening show. I am lost. ?

    • You are not lost. They are lost, for now. There is always MSNBC on line, provided bt Microsoft. Go to and look up the “Business page”. It’s free and has much of the same content. I loved to watch the” Nightly Business Report” because no matter what, it was uplifting.

  123. I will really miss this show. A daily recap that was very interesting, educational, and non-political. Great expert guests and a recap of the days events in the business world. Is there a comparable replacement?

    • No, not yet. It was the BEST. Watch PBS get a new one, however, because it is “Supporters like US” that get what we pay for. Cancel those monthy pledges untill they do but don’t stop supporting PBS on their drives or your annual membership or we won’t have anything. Even if it is a Friday program like “Wall Street Week” we could support it.

  124. This is total bullshit! There is no reason to stop this essential reporting from being made public! It has to be a conspiracy to keep people ignorant!!! Seriously, what will take its place?!?! There needs to be an NBR2!!! There has to be something in the works!!!

  125. My husband and I are devastated by the loss of NBR, a trusted and well done program. We really depend on it for its extremely clear, concise and accurate information. Please bring this program back, it is one of the reasons we support PBS.

  126. What a loss! I’ve watched for decades. I recently began viewing on YouTube. With such a large dedicated base of fans, someone should scoop it up and bring it back at PBS, YouTube, streaming channel, etc.

  127. I too am devastated by the loss of NBR I join the many, many others who counted on NBR to bring some light and clarity into an otherwise confusing and murky world. Unclear to me who exactly is responsible for this show’s demise. Nonetheless what I want is to have the show brought back. I remember in the sad days when Paul Kangas left and a PBS station tried to redo the show — it was a semi disaster due to lack of TV ability but it did get fixed eventually. I certainly hope the same will happen this time. Just keep up the pressure. Someone somewhere will get the message and organize a rebirth.

  128. I agree with the posts here. This is a disaster! What a BONEHEADED decision this was! This was a CORPORATE decision to be sure. NBR was not contributing to someones bonus so POOF! CANCELED! To whoever is responsible bite me!

  129. GEEZ, OMG, and all the rest. Serious? My DVR has been on the fritz for about a month and the NBR shows would playback distorted. I happened to be watching in real time friday evening and at the end of the broadcast I was saddened and shocked to find I had just watched the last broadcast. Oy vay. I felt guilty for not getting my DVR fixed sooner and not donating more to PBS. This show is greatly needed in a society that has the onus to be successfully financially savvy for its own wealth and retirement when pensions and social security are increasingly not viable options. Sad and frightening that quality print, broadcast and other media cannot survive and or is treated as suspect in a time when quality information is sorely needed. The dumbing down of America is thundering across the country like an Express train picking up speed. Ignore at your own risk America. We now see the consequences of dumb downded on a daily basis. Shed an extra tear for auld lang syne this year.

  130. I was beyond shocked tonight as I watched NBR announce the ending of its shows. I have learned so much from them, began to understand my place in the economy, how to invest…well so many things! Please someone out there figure out a way to continue with this quality program !! Please.

  131. What is the reason to cancel NBR? So far…I have not been able to find out why? Just because there are now other Financial Business TV News shows? This does not make (business) sense? NBR was the only one I could trust to report unbiased business news in 30 mins. BBC News is not a good replacement?

    And…like everyone else is stating – there is so much junk TV, and they do away with excellent TV… Why?

  132. This is a devastating loss to the public good.
    I have regularly watched NBR since the days of Paul Kangas and Louis Rukeyser.
    Cannot imagine being without this source of business news in the future.
    Bill and Sue and all the glorious reporters will be missed. Hopefully all these talented people will find somewhere else that will use their talents as effectively as NBR did.

  133. The CEO of Comcast, parent of CNBC which has terminated the Nightly Business Report, is Mr. Brian L. Roberts, age 60, whose compensation exceeds 18 million per annum. The headquarters address is Comcast Corporation, One Comcast Center, 1701 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19103, telephone 215-286-1700. Write or call this idiot, and picket any one or all of his 184,000 employees, wherever you find them, until he brings back NBR. Also, demand of your elected representatives that Comcast be regulated as the public utility it so obviously is, despite all the dirty money their lobbyists spread around in the Washington swamp to avoid regulation. Better yet, nationalize Comcast so that it will serve the public interest instead of the almighty dollar. If we don’t, all we’ll get on TV is Real Housewives, Dancing With the Stars, and Below Deck. Is that horrible junk what America will settle for?

    • I agree with all you say except for “picketing” Comcast’s employees. They have nothing to do with this decision and are likely just as outraged by it as those of us posting here. The labor force is as much a victim of the greed and avarice of these corporate bastards who care nothing about the welfare of the general public and only look to infinitely enrich themselves. The US is entering a period of class warfare pure and simple. Know your enemy.

  134. Unbelievable number of responses, all of them in support of NBR.

    One factor CNBC seems to have missed is “Good will”, which I learned from a steely-eyed old Accounting professor . Essentially it is the aggregate of intangible assets an organization builds up over time through successful, prudent actions. It is difficult to identify and build up, much less to convince accounting types to include in their sacrosanct financial statements. Sort of a much older brother to today’S concept of BRAND.

    Look at the outpouring of GOOD WILL and BRAND for NBR !!! What a Colossal Mistake!

    I sincerely hope NBR is somehow replaced but I believe it will not be an easy task.

    • Most mega-corporations these days don’t know the meaning of goodwill. It’s the same with employee morale. They don’t get that happy employees make dedicated, productive employees. The suits at the top are blinded by dollar signs. Greed and avarice prevails. As long as they get their million dollars in bonuses and golden parachutes, they couldn’t give a rats @$$ about their customers or employees.

  135. I only supported PBS because of NBR. Since I have now lost NBR, PBS has lost me, unless they come up with a better replacement and apology FAST!

  136. A bad idea by all parties. That show was needed more than ever. I guess they did not like that we getting the show for free over the airwaves.

    • Good point. Cable providers from all over the country probably pressured Comcast to drop the free broadcast so that people would be persuaded to pay for a cable package to watch CNBC or other cable news networks instead. Comcast happily obliged. Life in evil Corporate America.

  137. Please do not shutdown it down, maybe Ads can help your business.
    Maybe you can sell it to another party, maybe a hedge fund?
    Take a pulse, think about it.

  138. I would guess that APT and CNN could not agree on the renewal price CNN was to be paid for producing NBR. It was probably relatively cheap under the past deal, since CNN could fold in the resources it uses for its’ own business news.
    Obviously, business and market news are not a high priority for APT given its’ political bent.

  139. I am an immigrant and have big load of worries. I watched NBR every evening just to calm down and feel that everything will be alright. That is taken away from me.

    • Totally agree.
      I just got myself out of a very toxic work environment last year. NBR was one of the things that kept me from being suicidal during that horrible time.

    • I also watched it to be informed and uplifted. So much TV just depresses me. This was a quality show with excellent journalists. Such a disappointment.

  140. I depended on this show each day, and really I am speechless. This was high quality unbiased reporting. There was no agenda. This was good stuff. I am at a loss, shaken, and disappointed.

  141. I depended on this show each day, and really I am speechless. This was high quality unbiased reporting. There was no agenda. This was good stuff. I am at a loss, shaken, and disappointed.

  142. I don’t know what to do now. NBR was my primary source of news. If they didn’t cover it then it wasn’t important to me. Are there any alternatives? Daily podcasts? Something short and sweet, trustable and to the point Like NBR was?

  143. Wow! Just tried to tune in to NBR and then find out it has been cancelled- what a loss of business news and comment for the viewers of PBS. Unfortunate!

  144. I have never been so devastated by a TV program’s cancellation. I totally relied on the NBR for my business news and insight. Very poor CNBC judgement.

  145. heartbroken! This was the BEST of its kind.

    It was a very positive show and gave me hope for the future. I loved hearing the theme song and it gave me great comfort to have it on. I loved all the correspondents, like Ylan, and hosts bill and sue, and phill before that. I’m a millennial and have been watching since my late 20s.

    If anyone out there can do something: Please bring this show back if possible. Sell the show to a streaming service! Don’t give up it- it’s too good to go.

  146. I never knew about the Nightly Business Report until earlier this year because I never had time to watch TV, other than PBS NewsHour. Now that I am retired, I have become a regular viewer of NBR, so I’m feeling much the same loss expressed by virtually all of the long-time aficionados of this show.
    You know, with all of the broadcasting talent and financial smarts in Manhattan, it makes sense to me that PBS (or American Public Television) should work with its NYC affiliate, WNET, to produce a replacement business program with the same high level of quality reporting exemplified by NBR.

  147. Completely devastated. Just tuned in this evening to my favorite PBS program to find a re run of BBC World news. Shame on CNBC and PBS for letting this happen. No warning whatsoever. No chance to rally support. Don’t count on me to support PBS or watch CNBC in the future.
    Bring NBR back!

  148. I want the nightly business report back. The information was rock solid and always up to date .There is a hole in my heart that is not going away.
    Michael C

  149. Terrible decision PBS and NBC. Cancelling NBR did a real blow to the economic education in this country. Sorry to see it go and feel sorry for Sue, Paul and all the rest. Hope something as good or better replaces it Louis Rukeyser is probably turning over in his grave.

  150. Why in the world would you cancel something so important and keeps us informed as the Nightly Business Report? The format was so fine and of such high quality. Do not give this program up — it is too excellent to let it go. Instead, you have brought in a show that is meaningless.

    What are you planning to bring on in its place as far as economic education is concerned?

  151. Miami based PBS station WPBT started it, sold it to NBR Productions after Paul Kangus retired and CNBC ended up operating it and closing it . We the PBS supporters were duped into thinking our money was funding a PBS run program.
    Our case is with the PBS executives that played us for fools. Lets get real. All the major brokerages capitalized on the 401k tax code. NBR commentators and corporate guests opened the eyes to novice investors and bingo the small investors era got its wind.
    The same corporate giants – give back and fund a similar show. PBS blew it. They need to lose a significant number of subscribers to get a wake-up call.

  152. NBR was my daily PBS watch. I recorded it daily for a later viewing. I watched the last show tonight and had to replay Bills closing statement, didn’t realize it was going away and that was the last show…..
    So disappointed, sad, to see it go, feels like I lost a friend. I recommended it to all my investment friends.
    In my mind NBR was PBS’s best program. Hope Bill, Sue and everyone find another place to thrive.

    Need to figure out where to go for my daily, no bias, investment news, suggestions????

  153. I’ve been watching the show since the days of Paul Kangas in Miami. Like the previous comment, I also recorded & watched daily; thought it was one of the most concise & best news programs around. Sometimes I skip the closing remarks, which I did Friday, so I didn’t see if there was an announcement. I was puzzled why there was no Monday show recorded, searched on-line & saw Bill’s announcement & was shocked. In my mind NBR was one of PBS’ best news programs, it will be sorely missed; wish Bill, Sue everyone else the best. In the words of the late Paul Kangas “Wishing all of you the best of good buys” (a pun on “the best of goodbyes”)

    I also need to figure out where to go daily, no bias, investment news, suggestions????

  154. Like Ken, I was surprised to see a French News Station taking over my favorite NBR and didn’t know why until I search for it and got me into here.

    Hopefully, CNBC will restart again.

  155. Not having NBR is a big loss and the announcement was quite a surprise. I have benefited from watching this informative show. I can only hope it will be brought back in some form.

  156. I taped NBR tonight and found out that it has been permanently canceled. How sad. I’ve been watching it for decades. I am a comcast customer. I will reconsider to still do any business with them. With all the money they are making,it is not enough. They are trying to destroy PBS.

  157. We are shocked and saddened to found out tonight that this program has permanently canceled.
    Why? This is the only high quality program we like to watch and learn very night. Please bring it back!

  158. If there’s ever a show that needs to be left on PBS the Nightly business report is it. A lot of people who watch nightly business report get much much more than views on the economy. Especially young people who have no other way of learning about money as well as how the global economy works and what investments can do for you over a lifetime.

    • We still have the “News Hour” and “Washington Week” and the “News Hour” does report on Stock Market issues and the “Closing Bell” maybe they could do a full 10 minute segment on market news a few times a week.

  159. I am a small investor who continued watching NBR because I got a lot of good info from this excellent program. I am very angry that CNBC abruptly dropped NBR. A lot of us viewers enjoyed NBR. and now you screwed us . We have supported PBS for some time because they carry good programing. If I had any of your stock I would sell it.

  160. In an era of fake and news that is grossly distorted by the presenters, NBR was a light in the darkness. It’s time will undoubtedly be filled with insipid tripe.

  161. We are a supporter of PBS because the have the best programing. I am a small investor and I enjoyed NBR because I received good INFO. I am very angry that CNBC dropped NBR. AND SCREWED US. If I owned any of your stock I would sell it.

  162. I was stunned when Bill announced at the end of the 12/27 show that it was the last one …. and just when we’ve started getting some volatility in the market !!!!! I’ve watched NBR every day for the past 2-years after an older colleague told me about it. No other media fills this need in the same independent manner as NBR.

  163. After 2o years of watching NBR, it will be greatly missed!!! I have learned a lot over the years. I can only say thanks for the run, and my annual contribution to PBS will now come to an abrupt stop too…

  164. My wife and I have watched NBR for years and are very disappointed with its sudden cancellation. The program provided us with concise and good quality information about events affecting not only the equity markets but the American Economy as a whole. We will sorely miss this program and the insight that Bill, Sue and the NBR staff brought regarding the days events.

  165. Any ideas of ways to protest CNBC to rethink this decision, or beg pbs to do something to bring. It back or provide a similar show?

    It was simply too good and important to just go away. I’d be willing to pay to have this show.


    • Extremely disappointed. This is the only program I watch regularly on tv. Please, please bring it back. . . . Newton Minow was right, but NBR was a beacon of intelligence and insight. I, too, would pay to see it back on the big screen.

  166. I can’t believe the most concise and informative financial program has been cancelled. I agree with all other comments about being stabbed in the heart, receiving a terrible Christmas present, losing a trusted friend, etc. Even worse is all the other garbage on TV that you have to sift through just to get the basics, and even if found you have to dodge the biases.
    This is a HUGE mistake! I can’t believe after all the layoffs, downsizing, and bureau closings that this program would be cancelled. I’ll bet this is about money, and my gut feeling is someone terribly mismanaged this to allow such a gem of a program be let go with what we have out there instead.

  167. Reading all these comments helped me realize so many viewers were hurt like I was last Friday. And I hope many more write CNBC (Google it) of their disappointment. What else can we do?

  168. It’s obvious bringing back NBR will not be in the cards for CNBC/parent company Comcast being the evil corporate behemoth that it is. Greed and avarice prevails and the almighty dollar is king. No matter that there was nothing else like it for the small investor to spend <30 minutes of their busy day to gain priceless financial knowledge and keep up with the current state of the economy and markets. Nightly Business Report was unparalleled in it's format and content. Pulling the plug on it is beyond comprehension but par for the course for the sorry state of affairs for what passes for corporate media in modern day America.

  169. Seems like another effort by Comcast to take NBC’s CNBC freebie business news NBR channel offline.

    Comcrap has made NBC’s antenna reception impossible to access in San Francisco, so why would they support NBR on PBS?! They killed it hoping we will pay their cable ransom fee.

    • Internet explorer has MSN and MSNBC is Free on their web site because of advertizing. Many of the links will let you listen to what CNBC is saying that was the basis for NBR. You just have to look for it among hundres of new stories and comentators that they have that the NBR format just picked the best or most interesting to keep and audiance. With NBR I could just sit back, at the end of the day, with my HighBall, beer or glass of wine and watch on the big screen with them doing all the “footwork”. Now we will just have to work a little harder and manybe support PBS a little more to keep our remaining shows we enjoy. Remember, everyone who commented here is not “Dumbed Down”.

  170. I have nothing constructive or pleasant to communicate. I am hopeful that the individuals who have made this cancelation, have committed professional Harakiri.

  171. What a poor decision! ! I just had convinced my son to watch it as I told him it was very informative and not political. It was educational and presented in a clear way that all ages could glean from. What a shame to stop without collecting public input! No doubt the almighty dollar was put above this programing.

  172. Taking this high quality program off the air is a bad decision. I have watched this program for more than 10 years, looking forward each evening to the summaries and commentaries. This program has provided national and international, non-political, viewpoints which underpin and give guidance to understanding current events.

    Bring Nightly Business Report back.

  173. Such a shame to lose such a quality nightly business program. My DVR will never be the same. I seldom missed a show for over 25 years since recording availability.

  174. What a sad situation for people wanting straight talk financial news with no fluff n buff. Just reliable unbiased business and market news with some excellent guests. All the cnbc newscasts with all the fluff n buff, bickering arguing and talking over each other are bullshit and will never measure up to what this program was. This is such a let down.

  175. It’s a sad state of affairs with CNBC dropping a great NBR show. The show covered the key points in the market and provided great insights from cast and guest speakers. NBR’s consistent and regular weekday format was not a free for all like other shows that often provided little value to me. Regularly for over 10 years I had seen the NBR show and staff as straightforward business professionals providing useful and informative content.

    Regarding CNBC acknowledging it as a “difficult decision” is a farce. They are dumping NBR because the show is free and was not getting advertisement break dollars or paid subscriptions.

    Unfortunately, we NBR watchers/investors will need to review markets on our own now or succumb to hyped up and paid for cable shows like Mad/Fast Money or Squawking. I’m not too keen on some of the personalities in these shows who come off as automobile or door-to-door salespeople.

    CNBC and companies like it are becoming too monopolistic and in a way pushing specific content. It’s a shame US government had turned its eyes away from these behemoths. Politicians may as well repeal the Sherman Antitrust Act in 2020 just like Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 that contributed greatly to 2008 financial crisis. Politicians seem to only act when it may affect their power and livelihood like social media breakup crap (Facebook, Google). What about these other giants ?


  176. Very sad, feel like I’ve lost an extended family. Been listening and learning since the early days of Paul Kangas. What’s left ? Booya ski daddy and honking horns?

  177. I too was devastated when I learned the Nightly Business Report was off the air! My husband and I have watched this program from its start and have trusted the reporting on the show. I realize “there are many places to get similar material now” but I challenge this comment. Yes there are but none, in my opinion, are as reliable and trustworthy as Nightly Business Report! We also have CNBC on most of the morning however we would have to watch CNBC 24/7 to get the same concise, succinct analysis and evaluation of business and the Market. Such a sad day!!!!!!

  178. As a daily viewer, I am also shocked and disappointed by the loss od NBR. At first, I was blaming my local PBS channel until I read all these comments and learned that Comcast and CNBC are at fault.

  179. PBS needs to do something to resurrect Nightly Business Report. Is a very important program, even if has become an encapsulation of material shown on CNBC during the day. Nightly Business Report has been a major reason I watch and support my local PBS station. I think I may reduce my hefty contribution in view of this loss. Cannot believe PBS was derelict enough to let this thing go.

  180. Like all the above I am deeply saddened by the ending of NBR. It really my only reason for supporting my PBS station.

  181. The Nightly Business Report was an excellent program and I can’t believe it has been cancelled. A regular viewer of the show for more than 30 years, please bring it back.

  182. Yikes – I relied on Nightly Business Report! This was a total shock to me!! PBS, please, please, please come up with a similar show about business news, and drop the dismal BBC program that has taken the 6:30 time slot!!!

  183. There is nothing I can say that hasn’t been said on this message board except this decision is so assinine and short sighted…NBR was one of the only reasons we donated and watched PBS. That ends today.

  184. I just learned NBR was cancelled. I will be wearing black indefinitely. So sad that this show will no longer be on public television. So many other programs are more worthy of cancellation but not NBR!! I will pay for this. Please come back.

  185. Not everyone has the time to watch all the business news programs on cable. Not everyone has cable. Not everyone has a computer or a smart phone. This NBR program filled the gap with a short , concise program with enough information to help investors and inform the general public on the day’s market moves. In addition , it skipped the hype and delivered information in simple language.
    I spend most of my day watching CNBC , but I never stopped watching the NBR program because of its clarity , simplicity and common sense reporting.
    Huge loss.

  186. In these uncertain times I thought I could rely on Nightly Business news to give me insight on the economy. Where do we go now? So sad.

  187. what a loss and a void will be left – we find it hard to believe that anything as worthwhile and timely will take its place – very very disappointed!!!

  188. What a loss, a qualify show with no bias or marketing and not for profit.

    PBS, or CNBC/Comcast we need a similar replacement or the same, please.

  189. I tape my evening shows. This was the first show I turned on every night. I went to look for it tonight ready to start my New Year (I was away this past week). I searched and searched. Then I read that CNBC canceled the show. Oh no. I thought/hoped that I clicked on the wrong google link. What a loss. I have been a fan ever since I can remember.
    Is there any chance CNBC can change its mind? Do they listen to the outpouring? Do they even care?

  190. This is such a terrible loss. No other production on television covered the day’s business events as this show, Nightly Business News. There is no possible replacement contents anywhere in the television world. End of an era of competent business broadcasting.

    • Yes, PBS does a good job, but have you seen the salary schedule of the executives? – And they have the gall to pimp for money year round. They would be better served if they would sell their pimping time to private industry as commercial time.

  191. CNBC is a liberal media company and not surprising that it would want to end anything that was remotely conservative or neutral on any subject. Too bad. Hopefully some vendor will step in and pick up the slack. I am of course concerned because PBS in general seems to have been leaning in the liberal direction on substantial amount of documentaries and news reporting on all subject matters. Been watching PBS for over 40 years and the transition from neutral to liberal is definitely noticeable. It used to be the station to watch because of its neutrality.

  192. I too am shocked to find NBR discontinued. This was a nightly routine for me and so interesting and helpful in navigating the investment world. Seems like there was a huge audience which makes the decision seem ill advised.

  193. Every night from 6 to 730 I watched public televising and always learnEd from nightly business report. I am so sorry to witness its demise

  194. I am so disappointed; I was not able to see the last program and I am so disappointed to finally find out that this is ending. I do not care for the program which has been put in its place, twice… as it is difficult to hear all of the words. NBR was important with its consideration of the economy and fiscal points. I miss it!

  195. It was the best show on PBS. It was so important to so many people. I can’t understand why it has no value now.

  196. Before retiring, I played excerpts of NBR to my high school students in order to learn about the financial world. As many have stated, this was a legendary program for gaining insight into investment and economical education.

    I’m now watching French international news in the same time slot.

  197. It’s shame that such a wonderful and obviously popular program is replaced by continuous news from 5 pm to 7.30 pm . It makes PBS less attractive or desirable.

  198. I subscribed to Comcast/Xfinity, specifically for PBS, and NBR. Now that neither serve my needs, I will be dropping cable, and support for PBS. oh well.

  199. I am shocked that this amazing and informative show was discontinued. It kept me informed of the daily economic and market news, when I didn’t have time during the day to read what’s going on.
    My 13 year old son became fascinated with business news thanks to this show.
    I wish they would reconsider putting it back on air. What a loss for all us viewers!

  200. They say the rationale for stopping production of this fine show was because this information is available in so many other places and formats. That may be true, but you have to endure all of the financial pundits who fancy themselves celebrities instead of the intelligent informed journalists that appeared on NBR.
    I don’t subscribe to cable for that very reason. Class and dignity lose again.

    • Exactly. All the financial news networks on cable TV are full of blathering idiots spouting opinionated dribble over each other, nothing like the clear concise reporting we got from NBR. Sensationalism sells, the almighty dollar rules.

  201. I have been watching NBR for most of the 40 years it was on the air……except when stationed overseas in the military….I am totally discussed…..IS THERE A PETITION GETTING GOING THAT WE CAN SEND TO PRESIDENT TRUMP TO GET NBR BACK ON THE AIR?

    • Claude: I don’t think President Trump can help us on this one. He’s got enough on his plate. BBC is currently filling the slot and of course, is no substitute for NBR. I feel certain that PBS will realize what a mistake it has made in cancelling the show and will reinstate it. – Light a candle

  202. I’ll miss it. We watched most every day, was a nice synopsis of news from a financial perspective. I learned a lot through the years. Leaves an empty space.

  203. Shocked!!! As with everyone else, the loss of NBR is HUGE! It must be returned! So many (I bet millions) watch this wonderful, informative, objective, well-balanced program. NBR is the only program that brings me great joy each week day, and is the only bright spot in the current state of mess that our country has gotten itself into. NBR is my guide to the financial world and investing. It succinctly states not only what is going on now but also gives insight into future trends from the financial experts and advisors. As others, I wish the program is an hour long,
    I cannot understand why CNBC this incredibly important program.discontinued NBR. Was it too much competition? Please bring NBR back!

  204. Emergency. Sue & Bill have been kidnapped. They were my 6.30 fix on the day’s shenanigans in Wall St. Somebody please pay the ransom.

  205. Shocked, disappointed, irritated. NBR provided context for other events and was my go-to evening viewing, both in Colorado and when I moved to Florida. Bring it back, please.

  206. I am with all of you . The only business news I trust. Do I want to watch a business news report full of personal opinions? NBR was fact driven. I could trust what they said and not worry that someone’s personal company was profiting from the advice which was biased towards them

  207. At real disgrace for CNBC. No thought of public benefit? This was an every day watch for me and educated me in ways that I didn’t know I needed before. So many people love and watch this show I can’t believe that CNBC would cancel such a great and useful show. People that contribute to PBS for the purpose of supporting the shows that they love are terribly disappointed. It didn’t work!

    I really hope that Nightly Business Report will be brought back after such a public outcry. What a shame if it not.

  208. What a bummer. NBR was a good summary each day of newsworthy events together with some great insights into the market. My DVR was set to record it daily and it was the first thing I watched when turning on the TV. Now I have to find an alternative.

  209. What a bummer. NBR was a good summary each day of newsworthy events together with some great insights into the market. My DVR was set to record it daily and it was the first thing I watched when turning on the TV. Now I have to find an alternative.

  210. I have been a fan and devoted listener of NBR for at least 40 years. I am devastated and feeling lost without my evening 1/2 hour business summary provided by NBR. I don’t know of any other business news program that is as helpful and as instructive. Is there another business news program? This is such a dreadful loss..

  211. I’ll just go to CNBC during this time to catch up on daily financial news, OH wait, it’s all reality re-run shows for 4 hours!
    This is a tragedy that they pulled this show! and for what? NBR has been airing longer than the Simpson’s (a cartoon mind you). Along with most of you, the advice, and interviews they conducted have led to sound financial decisions, and recommendations within my portfolio.
    Now it’s gone. We are all at a loss!!

  212. The best business news program and format on television was cancelled—-a sad tribute to an era which values ‘false’ reality TV series above true reality reporting

  213. Don’t make this a generational issue. This is about class conflict. Who runs things in this country. Billionaire corporations making profit-driven decisions who won’t think twice about adversely impacting small-time investors watching PBS. If anything it’s probably millionaire boomers sitting in boardrooms at Comcast/CNBC that pulled the plug on NBR. Direct your angst accordingly.

  214. I am not sure if strength in numbers will apply here but, I would like to add my two cents to this list of respondents who think that ending NBR was a dam shame. As a retired accountant and financial professional, I watched the show for many years and found it entertaining and very informative.
    Please bring the show back.

  215. I will miss this program VERY much. As has been previously stated, I don’t know where one could find that much information in one place. Hopefully, CNBC will reconsider.

  216. I, too, would like to add my two cents to this list of respondents who think that ending NBR was shameful. I have watched the show for many years and found it extremely informative and Sue and Bill are great.
    Please bring the show back.

  217. I’m also deeply saddened by the end of NBR. Have relied on it for an informative, neutral summary of financial news. What is the real reason for its cancellation? It would have been nice/polite to notify viewers of the decision to cancel; viewers could have made it clear how important and worthwhile this program has been!

  218. Intelligent! Informative! Unbiased! My end of day treat and opportunity to make sense of the world’s economies. What a tragic loss. NBR was a stalwart in an ever-changing dire news landscape. Where do we now turn for reliable honest evaluations of what’s happening financially in industry/business and the events that effect our retirement portfolios? Another major loss to dependable, reliable, objective reporting. Here’s to a job well done by NBR and Sue and Bill. CNBC go to hell!

  219. Wow, I went to watch it tonight with my daughter to discover this. What a loss. It was a special time every night to connect with my 9 year old and foster discussion and questions about business and investing. She was able to learn about the world without the “bleed they lead” political news. It was also pretty good for my portfolio. I don’t know how to replace this valuable, consistent, news source. So much infotainment out there that this will be missed.

  220. I couldn’t agree more with the comments above. This was an excellent show and CNBC did a nice job after they took over. As others have stated yes there are other sources but nothing is as valuable and concise as the NBR. For those of us who can’t watch CNBC or another business channel for hours this was our business news program.

  221. I like all others, am shocked that the show is gone… It gave major information on the days business events.
    There was mention that the BBC will fill in…give me a break. BBC was once a great source for news, but not any more. They talk about the news. There is one network, NHK in Japan that still follows the traditional protocol of news delivery.

  222. Chalz here, lamenting the NBR program’s demise…unfortunate for people who sought unbiased financial information from consummate professionals like Paul, Tyler, Bill and co-hosts, Linda, Suzie and lastly, Sue Herrera, et al.

    PBS has morphed into the erroneously labeled ‘UNbiased’ platform for real news; now it serves the Progressive (absurd) ideology; that’s one reason why they get NONE of my once gladly-given donations…then the decision to eliminate the one program on financial news that wasn’t contaminated with mental derangement.

  223. At the risk of being repetitive after so many good emails, I’ll say that NBR was a concise, basic, informative program for those of us who needed to know the basics of the subject matter. NBR interviewed executives from the most important financial institutions who gave unbiased opinions about the state of the market and covered different sectors of the economy through their correspondents. (“Phil LeBeau, Chicago”, comes to mind). I’m not a professional investor and my modest investments in the stock market were based in part from the information I received from the program. The fact that it was daily kept the information current, fresh.
    It is a true loss. Oh, well, PBS can always have another food or travel programs. How about “Underwater Cooking” or “Walking Antarctica”.
    I’ll miss NBR.

    • Ha Ha, Underwater Cooking. They are still advertizing NBR in their show line up on KQED in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I wonder if they got the message?

      • After a week of showing the BBC World News in the program guide, our local PBS station also listed NBR in it’s usual time slot this week. Hoping against hope I tuned in but found it was in error and saw the BBC programming instead. Just teasing us I guess.

  224. What a Sad news to receive beginning this year! We joined all those viewers in mourning loss of this show. Is there any way it can be revived? Strong recommendation to revisit this decision. We need to dig into other resources now to get our business news update:(

  225. I miss Nightly Business Report ! All I wanted was a clean concise market overview at the end of the day to relax to and watch. No fluff n buff, Such a loss, nothing else compares.

  226. Big Mistake. I will really miss this show. I have watched it for 30 years. I can’t understand the BBC news people so won’t watch it as a replacement. If any show needs to be cancelled, it is Judy W.oodruf’s news hour. She is very biased, unfair, and a obviously a liberal Democrat as are all her staff. I refuse to watch her.

    • Why, because the PBS Newshour reports the facts on this unhinged, authoritarian fascist in the White House? If anything, they are biased, against Bernie Sanders. Yamich Alcindor has done extensive negative coverage of Sanders both here and at her past position at the NYT. PBS is actually becoming more mainstream establishment in their reporting, being more and more corporate funded. If you think they are too “liberal” you probably just need to go back to watching your Trump love-fest Fox News.

  227. I hope PBS will find or create a similar show. For those of us who like to watch TV over the air (OTA) there is nothing else available. Yes, I can see what the market is doing on Yahoo but they don’t provide the concise informational format that CNBC was able to provide. Perhaps a business opportunity for someone has opened up. Thank you Bill, Sue, Bob et al.

  228. This is terrible. I’ve been watching this program for over 10 years. One of the best produced shows ever. Learned so much in watching over the years. Will miss Susie & Bill

    Saddened! ….

  229. I was shocked and dismayed that NBR is no longer being broadcast on PBS. Such a big mistake. It’s the one show my Financial Advisor suggested I watch and I have turned in most every night for the past 15 years. I live in rural America and there will be no replacing this business news source for me. What an empty feeling. A high quality show with such wonderful and valuable information. I can only hope CNBC will reconsider and bring NBR back to PBS.

    • Too bad CNBC is taking the heat for dropping NBR. The public does not know that it is teh parent company Comcast that has pushed CNBC to dos this because they want to monetize it. We need to go after Comcast not CNBC

  230. I’m shocked. I have been watching this show for probably 30 years. I so much looked forward to it every evening. Just the facts. Where else can you see a straightforward business news show? Anyone out there have any recommendations?

  231. So sad….this was such an asset to the middle class investor who gets no information. Easy to understand and full of great advise and up to date information. Who really needs more BBC news?? Why this was canned rather some of the lame programs PBS broadcasts (fad diets, promotional health products etc.) Not sure why…can someone please explain this decision,

  232. NBR provided a perfect business recap on a daily basis and I will miss it terribly. I believe the reason for the cancellation is that NBR is a competitor to cable (CNBC, Comcast). So why provide the best, for free, over the air, available to anyone’s antenna?
    This is an incredible loss.

  233. Just returned from my holiday vacation, hoping to catch up on business news, only to find out NBR has been cancelled!!! I am so angry!!! This show was my daily North Star for 30 years as it was for my parents starting with Louis Rukeyser. And replaced with yet another international news brief. . Where will I get such a great even-handed straight talking news about the daily market? Damn PBS!!!!

  234. HUGE loss. there is nothing in the way of reliable financial news reporting on the public airwaves or by subscription, that is so succinct and fact based as nbr…. This PROGRAM was like having expert/seasoned journalists who were your best neighbors and friends provide you fact based financial reporting DAILY! i have been a viewer since very early on. to see the development with all the talented experienced insightful journalists from the team at cnbc was not only joyful but hugely valuable. if this is a business decision, bring back the program by subscription. so much of what is offered by my public television station provides me with zero value. i don’t need another cooking show, or drama/mystery theatre. i need fact based information and a world outlook. in the space of 24 minutes of viewing, i could effectively re-cap the financial day, update my week, and plan my day for tomorrow….repeat and prosper. Head’s should roll for this decision. VERY SHORTSIGHTED WITH NO LOGICAL EXPLANATION.

  235. Am also am so depressed that this great show is no more. It is the biggest reason I finally decided to enter the stock market. Very sad and it will be missed.
    Totally stupid and short sighted decision.
    Typical for today’s inept management.

  236. …”A pioneer in business-news reporting, Nightly Business Report premiered in 1979. It’s carried by 183 public television stations in all 50 states, reaching 96 percent of all U.S. households, according to APT.”
    So my question to CNBC: 96% of the US households don’t matter?? CNBC is now to me, a boneheaded corporate miscreant, unquestionably ignorant of their audience; financial journalistic excellence; and the real interests of educated and intelligent viewers. A staple of our household for decades, NBR was an honest, informative and balanced review of the markets that defined the end of every workday. It was a not to be missed program and a call for the evening cocktail. Excellence in programing and serving the public is clearly not CNBC’s interest. Thanks to the many reporters and underappreciated writers, and professional journalists that NBR graced us with. You are all sorely missed.

  237. Because we have watched Nightly Business Report almost every night for more than forty years, and it was one of the main reasons that we have for years made a sustaining membership contribution to PBS, we cancelled our sustaining membership in protest of dropping Nightly Business Report. Then I found out that it was probably not a PBS initiative that cancelled this excellent program. However, we had no leverage on the producer, so took our frustration out on PBS. Since probably 75% of the TV programming we watch is on PBS, we will probably resume our sustaining membership contribution at some point in the future, but I want to express my unhappiness with CNBC for stopping production, and encourage PBS to leave no stone unturned to find an alternative producer or to produce it themselves.

  238. I returned from winter vacation to “not find” the only non cable business show removed from the airwaves. I detest the ranting idiots and multitude of running banners on the cable channels.The NBR brief but concise report once a day has been a part of my business news for 2 decades. I often gained insights from it about daily occurrences that the basic news channels completely overlook in their commercial filled 15 minutes of “all the news you need to know but will never find on any network or cable program”. True News is lost in the wastelands and the dumbing down of America continues at the behest of commercial entities. One more note, “Where the hell is Charlie Rose?” May he please repent and be restored. Amanpour is milk toast and frivolous!

  239. Bonehead decision to drop the popular Nightly Business Report. Best recap of the day’s financial markets, economic trends, & investment trends in layman’s terms. The daily financial advisors and gurus, who were glad to be on the show, should be influencing CNBC to bring back NBR. Who’s with me…nbr…Nbr…NBr…NBR!

  240. I am very disappointed that NBR has been cancelled. I have watched it since the 1980’s and found it fair and balanced, a good source of reliable information. It has been one of the main reasons that I have been a sustaining member of PBS for over 20 years. Please bring this program back, or start a new show based on the same principles. Lots of contributing viewers are depending on programming of this type.

  241. I was disappointed and shocked to see that NBR has been cancelled. I learned so much from it. I don’t know where else to find such quality, unbiased information about finances and sensible investing. What were the people who cancelled this show thinking? What are they going to replace it with? Very sad.

  242. I think it is a terrible loss for PBS. I used to watch every night and got useful info and I can’t say that for most news “shows” (as they call them now).

  243. Yes, 40 years later having watched, this is the “WORST” of “GOODBYES” — WE ALL AGREE.
    In this era of FAKE NEWs… THIS is the true DUMBING DOWN of America…..
    How about a Public Outrage??? My parents always contributed, & we always contributed
    To the actual auction in Columbus, Ohio. I would gladly be a contributor if NBR or Wall
    Street Week or a legitimate substitute were to appear back on PBS. Help us in 2020!!!

  244. Just wanted to add to the giant list of disappointed people. Incredible they were unable to monetize a program with affluent viewership. Without all the information I’m left to conclude: if you couldn’t make this work good luck with your other programs. Only thing I watched in PBS so hard to justify further donations.

  245. Thanks for that. So now I can watch liberal Trump bashing news for an hour and not even have news on the economy to come back to reality.

  246. NBR was my one stop shop for economics, I would listen to the day before segment that following morning, when getting ready for work. And if a specific issue caught my eye I would then research it. Sucks that I have to go to my back up, Planet Money on NPR, also a great economic show but nothing compared to NBR.

  247. My husband and I watch the Nightly Business report every night. We got information not found on any other station. This is a huge loss!!!

  248. What a bad decision! This is the worst decision imaginable. You have a solid show with no fluff and you do this. This is a bad day for media if solid shows like this go under. Idiocracy is proving prophetic.

  249. I hadn’t watched television lately at the time NBR comes on. So, today, when I turned on the television to watch NBR, I learned to my great surprise it is no longer on the air. I feel like I have lost and old friend. Very saddened. I hope someone reconsiders this decision.

  250. If public television does not show the program the public wants to watch, then why do we have a “public television”? Why should anyone sponsor public television again? (We know the Newshour is already unwatchable.)

  251. The person in charge at Comcast (who probably made the decision to drop NBR) is Brian L. Roberts. We should all communicate directly to him our disappointment and urge him to re-start the program.
    E mail:
    Phone: 215 286-1700
    Address: 1701 JFK Boulevard
    Philadelphia, PA

    • Called and spoke to a receptionist at the corporate office. She didn’t even understand what I was asking. Tried to refer me to a number for PBS. After explaining some more, tried to refer me to a number for CNBC. Asked her, who owns CNBC. Says Comcast, but it’s a “separate entity.” Refused to transfer me to anyone, saying there’s no one here that can help me. No big surprise, really.

      Bottom line, although this makes no sense to anyone but the corporate suits and bean counters, we are beating a dead horse. NBR will not return, despite our best efforts to bring it back. The dumbing down of America continues unabated.

  252. I can’t add much to this list of Mourners. I VCRd it. DVRd it for decades. Tragic loss. With no show like it around. I am truly sad.

  253. what a shame, my dad watched this show, i watched the show. It was the best, hope they can figure out a way to bring it back…… it was the main reason i supported Public Radio…… no more.

  254. What a slap in the face to an extremely loyal audience. There obviously is a massive market for a show like NBR. I looked forward to watching it and 2020 is a year with so many important issues that the folks on the show would have covered so well. My wife started watching it with me the last few years. The information was presented in a coherent and non biased manner which is rare for Fox or CNBC. I feel like someone just set me adrift in a sea of crass commercial sharks.

  255. I just emailed (copied and pasted) all the comments to Comcast’s Brian Roberts as per below; Perhaps if everyone did this they’d get the point….

    The person in charge at Comcast (who probably made the decision to drop NBR) is Brian L. Roberts. We should all communicate directly to him our disappointment and urge him to re-start the program.
    E mail:
    Phone: 215 286-1700
    Address: 1701 JFK Boulevard
    Philadelphia, PA

  256. Mu Only reason to have Comcast Cable TV is because of Nightly Business Report. Now that if they do not bring it back, i recommend everyone to cut the chord. Drop your cable subscription. I really watched every Nightly Business Report and learned so much from that. What a terrible loss.

    • Many people watched NBR for free over the air on their local PBS station. Some who couldn’t afford Comcast’s increasingly high fees or would rather be saving for retirement. That’s what makes this move even more nefarious. But Comcast couldn’t give a rat’s @$$ about the common good. Their only concern is the bottom line.

  257. This was not done for funding reasons, it was their most popular show. It was done by some Hearst-like megalomaniac who didn’t like the competition for their stupid squak box or whatever lunacy they got going on on the 24-hour news feeds. PBS has always been a bright spot in the dark annals of television, but this is clearly the end of the era. And “they” are probably happy to see it go. 1 + 1 = 3

  258. Please bring back NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT …….We believe that was a wrong decision to make on your part . Loved that show watched every night since the beginning , was the a fast half hour report on the market of the day happenings . Please reconsider and bring back with the same two people both excellent in reporting Wall Street…………..Can`t find anything on TV to replace that half hour report. Thank you Kindly Carol & Joe

  259. Thanks the NBR, I have made a small fortune! I shall miss them dearly!!!
    I am not very computer savvy, and it was wonderful to be with Suzie Gherib, Sue Gherera and Bill Griffith who were always calm and so professional and pleasant; together with their interesting, knowledgeable guests and market monitors – having all the up-to-date information and advice served to me on a platter while I sat comfortably in front of my TV, instead of starting at a computer screen!!

    • Loved your comment especially sitting in front of TV …………really miss the show more then we imagined Wonder if there was a petition to get the show back on the air again? Know we would sign immediately! Carol & Joe

  260. Why can’t PBS produce this show without CNBC? Paul Kangas did it before Sue and Bill and it was good. It is the best recap after working day to come home and see all important business news in 30 minutes without commercials. Please bring it back.

  261. a disgusting ending to a Fantastically Honest Accurate and Great Business Show – It will never be matched in quality and quantity by any other and I am disgusted at CNBC. Please leave broadcasting to those who are great at it. Get another job.

  262. Sad Sad Day, The Nightly Business Report was my “go-to” for info to manage my 401-K and to get detailed & understandable business information with the broadest prospective. They have a transcript you could check it out if you missed some detail. Well run, well written. Will be sorely missed.

  263. Now with Corona virus hysteria and market fluctuations worse than a roller coaster, the Nightly Business Report is needed more than ever!
    This is a Rolls Royce in financial programming. Can somebody in the broadcast world pick this up for all to see….hellooooo!

  264. I could not agree more. I relied on NBR for fair, balanced in depth reporting on the events of the day affecting business and thus society. It’s discontinuance has left a huge void.
    Marketplace on NPR is valuable, but does not provide the same consistent in depth review of daily events.
    I long for someone to revive this gem.

  265. Given the recent events, Covid 19, protests, stock market crash, repo market crash, election year etc… bias media owned by special interests, there was no reason to cancel NBR other than to take away a trusted news source that would have refused to report the truth about the coming economic collapse…

  266. I’m a big fan of This Old House and its affiliated program on PBS. But I note, sometimes with annoyance, that it is accompanied by commercials for trucks, gorilla glue , kitchen fixtures and even the This Old House magazine.Why couldn’t we have The Nightly Business Report accompanied by similar commercials for banks, investment firms, insurance companies and other financially related institutions. The New York Times and other newspapers carry advertisements without (hopefully) biasing the news content. Couldn’t we do the same with The Business Report to make it financially viable?

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