BBC Radio disc jockey John Peel, champion of many cutting edge rock acts that went on to notoriety and influence, died at age 65. He was “perhaps the only British D.J. known by name to American rock fans,” writes the New York Times. For all his influence, Peel was surprisingly accessible, reports the Washington Post: “[B]asically, if you wrote him, he’d send you a postcard back, often with his phone number, sometimes ‘signed’ with a rubber stamp that read ‘John Peel, The World’s Most Boring Man.’

Roadside sensors are now providing radio ratings for passing drivers in Washington, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Jersey, and Charlotte, N.C., the Washington Post reported [registration required]. The provider, Phoenix-based MobilTrak, derives listener data from tuning and sells results to retailers near the same roads, to billboard companies [earlier NYT article], as well as to radio stations.

“How can we reach kids who don’t watch PBS without dumbing down to them?” WGBH tries a reality show for teenagers.

The Boston Globe profiles Zalmai Yawar, an Afghan who has worked as an interpreter for NPR and other U.S. news outlets. “Reporters kill over two things: a great driver and a great interpreter,” says NPR’s Jacki Lyden. “Zalmai was one of my best interpreters ever.”

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune profiles Minnesota Public Radio and its president, Bill Kling. (Reg. req.)

Tucker Carlson is apparently spoiling for a rematch with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart after Friday’s much-publicized live spat on CNN’s Crossfire. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the bow tied commentator has invited the fake newsman to appear on this Friday’s Unfiltered on PBS. “I have a low opinion of the things Jon said, but I’d like to give him a chance to explain it in an environment where he can talk,” Carlson said. No word from Stewart. Comedy Central execs, who said the network has received 12 times the usual amount of e-mail this week as a result of the face-off, doubt Stewart will accept the offer.

CPB has awarded more than $9 million to 133 public radio stations to help them convert to digital broadcasting.

If you missed the Stewart/Carlson bout on Crossfire, Slate’s Surfergirl links to a video clip of the exchange.

Community leaders in West Palm Beach have coalesced to develop a take-over bid for WXEL, reports the Sun-Sentinel.