More on the FCC’s digital radio decision: NPR’s statement, coverage in Radio World and The New York Times, and the FCC’s release and statements are on its website.

NPR hired Michele Norris, a correspondent for ABC’s World News Tonight, as co-host of All Things Considered. And it also appointed its own Steve Inskeep to host ATC on weekends.

The Los Angeles Times reports on the KOCE-TV Foundation’s bid to buy the license of the Huntington Beach public TV station and fund its digital conversion.

This American Life contributor Sarah Vowell talks with the Philadelphia City Paper.

The FCC has approved the in-band, on-channel technology for digital terrestrial radio.

NPR is cutting nine staffers due to “flat to declining revenues,” reports The Washington Post.

The FCC is expected to declare iBiquity Corp.’s in-band, on-channel digital radio technology the national standard tomorrow. The Washington Post offers a preview.

A new study by Fairness and Accuracy in Media says seven major-market public radio stations sound, on average, twice as white as the communities they serve, due to a lack of diversity among daytime hosts.

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters’ website looks nifty with a new design.

NPR’s Morning Edition has commissioned its first radio play, a “zany comedy” by a Hollywood screenwriter, reports The Washington Post.

Faith Middleton, host of Connecticut Public Radio’s Faith Middleton Show, was to celebrate her relationship with Fern Berman Sunday with a commitment ceremony, as noted by The New York Times.

The New York Daily News checks in with Cokie Roberts, who is receiving chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.

The Washington Post previews an upcoming film about Stephen Glass, the journalist who famously fabricated stories he filed for various outlets, including public radio’s This American Life. So who plays Ira Glass?

NPR asks porn entrepreneur to drop KCRW from hold music

It was almost a landmark case: NPR vs. The World’s Most Downloaded Woman. The woman is Danni Ashe, a web-porn entrepreneur whom public TV viewers might remember from Frontline’s “American Porn” documentary. Her image has been downloaded from her subscription website over 1 billion times, earning her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Her expertise on matters pornographic recently landed her in a Slate article, which let drop that callers to her Los Angeles office who get put on hold hear KCRW, a local NPR affiliate.

“Although the new Forsyte Saga cannot recreate the story’s historic role in television, its revitalized characters offer a delightful escape,” writes Caryn James in a New York Times review of the updated British drama. On Sunday, Oct. 6, Masterpiece Theatre debuts its new production of the mini-series that captured the American imagination in 1969.

The FCC has released the findings of 12 studies it commissioned to examine the effects of existing media ownership rules. The agency is currently rethinking those regulations with an eye toward relaxing them next year. The FCC has posted each study to its website.

BBC re-tooled its nightly world news program more closely to American interests, and last week began producing the show live from studios in Washington, the Los Angeles Times reports. Not all public TV stations that carry the series are pleased with the changes.

Sixty couples have met at NPR and married, thus landing on Susan Stamberg’s list tracking the phenomenon, reports USA Today.

The Public Telecommunications Facilities Program awarded $36 million in digital conversion grants to 97 public TV stations Sept. 30. An additional $6 million in grants went to public radio, distance learning and TV replacement equipment. See the full list of awards.

The board of education in Columbus, Ohio, is likely to keep control of public radio station WCBE, reports This Week. An advisory committee has recommended more educational programming for the station, reports the Columbus Dispatch.