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Few issues addressed on public TV in recent years have caused more conflict than those that involve gay and lesbian people. These articles from back issues of Current follow controversies over some of the programs. The most recent are at the bottom.

The return of the Louds: WNET to air 1973 film — a look back at An American Family when it was rebroadcast in 1990

Tongues Untied: Many stations nix or delay film about black gay men, June 1991

Tongues Untied: Tongues re-tied? Riggs speaks "unapologetically" for a group that mainstream America would prefer to "erase", Commentary by Marlon Riggs, August 1991. Plus: quotes from TV critics.

Stop the Church: PBS and P.O.V. drop the latest hot potato, August 1991. Plus: Cardinal blasts airing of documentary, September 1991.

Tongues United and Stop the Church: Ottinger and Kobin: Two of the broadcast managers who stood up for diversity of viewpoints, follow-up feature, December 1991

Tongues Untied: a debate on purpose and courage, follow-up report from Public Television Annual Meeting, July 1992

Lost Language of Cranes and Portrait of a Marriage: Two summer dramas tell stories of gay lives, April 1992

Tales of the City: With Tales of the City, public TV earns extremes of scorn and praise, January 1994

Tales of the City: More Tales of the City becomes battle in the American culture war, April 1994. Plus: later report: Showtime is backing Tales of the City sequel, April 1997

In the Life: Everywhere their cameras go, they seem to find gay people, April 1997

Is Tinky a gay role model for boys, or a purple toddler in full play?, February 1999

"It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School": Campaign seeks to stifle a film on the touchiest of gay subjects, April 1999

Idaho legislators react to "It's Elementary," April 2000

G.O.P. backs spin-off of Idaho's state-owned public TV net, July 2000

Public TV privatization drive falters in Idaho, February 2001

Clash between Wake Forest University and journalists: University backs off from censoring N.C. station, October 1999

Agreed: don't keep WFDD under public relations office

Brown and Johnson quit despite reforms at Wake Forest's WFDD, November 1999

Report revisits conflict between Wake Forest and station:
'Hasty mistake' at WFDD prompts talk of ideals
, February 2000

One last visit with Lance Loud, February 2002

Producers of "The Congregation" follow a gay minister soon to be defrocked: Their camera rolls and the closet door opens once again, November 2004

Buster to visit gay moms on some pubTV channels, January 2005

Mitchell probes Buster’s detour into controversy
Episode dropped by PBS airing in half the country
, February 2005

Q&A with PBS President Pat Mitchell: With Buster on a slow boil, PBS tends station allies, scouts its digital options, February 2005

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