‘Give me that good [public radio] radiation’

Published on Current.org Nov. 17, 2010

Adam Cole — a.k.a. Cadamole — a 23-year-old YouTube user from Corvallis, Ore., sent some viral love to NPR and all of public radio Nov. 16 with his rap video, "Good Radiation" (above).

Cole, who recently earned a master's degree in biology at Stanford, recruited his friend Jenna Sullivan to sing the chorus. His wordplay inserts references to pubradio's top shows and hosts with lines like this: "My Air's so Fresh, I'm the Talk of the Nation…"

Most of the things Cole reveals about himself in the rap are true, he tells Current. He's between jobs, doesn't have much money and isn't a lady's man — although he does have a girlfriend. (Notice the 2003 Camry he mentions driving while listening to the radio? It belongs to her.)

Cole had been mulling over how to show his support for public radio long before the election-season controversy over NPR and the firing of news analyst Juan Williams. "That controversy didn’t loom that large in my mind," he said. "I do want to support NPR. I listen to it all the time, and I have pretty much no money, so I've got to support it in some way." Cole's station of choice is Oregon Public Broadcasting, and — for the record — he's a PBS fan, too. "Gwen Ifill isn't on the radio, but she's one of my heroes," he says.

Cole earned his B.S. degree in biology from Stanford and just finished a four-month stint reporting for Ferndale Enterprise, a newsweekly covering the agricultural community Ferndale, Calif. He's looking for a job that combines his science degree with his writing experience.

"Good Radiation" isn't Cole's first YouTube hit. In May, his YouTube original, "A Biologist's Mother's Day Song," went viral in celebration of moms every where.

— Karen Everhart


Cole and Sullivan share a fast-moving screen with pubradio stars including Terry Gross, shown above giving her familiar "rock on!" gesture.

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