CPB Board: eight appointees and one vacancy

Originally published in Current, Jan. 19, 2004

With four appointments in December [2003] and one vacancy, the nine-member CPB Board of Directors is almost up to full strength. It has five Republicans, two Democrats, one independent.

The Public Broadcasting Act requires the vacancy to go to a non-Republican: "No more than five members of the board appointed by the president may be members of the same political party."

Campaign donation data were compiled by the Federal Election Commission and Center for Responsive Politics.


TomlinsonKenneth Y. Tomlinson
Chairman of the board. Term: Confirmed by Senate in 2000, term expires 2006. From Fauquier County, Va. Longtime journalist and retired editor-in-chief of Reader's Digest. War correspondent in Vietnam. Now a thoroughbred horse breeder and president, National Sporting Library, Middleburg, Va. Politics: Director of Voice of America for two years during Reagan administration. Later, chairman of National Commission on Libraries and Information Science and board member, U.S. Board for International Broadcasting. Donated total of $2,000 to two Republican incumbents in Congress since 1997. His wife and son gave $2,500 to Republican candidates in 2000.

AndersonKatherine Milner Anderson
Past chairman. Term: Appointed 1997, term expires 2006. From Alexandria, Va. Chief financial officer and former chairman of Domino's Pizza franchisee Team Washington Inc. Fine arts consultant and president, River Galleries, Alexandria. Former high school teacher. Politics: Served in the Reagan White House as associate director of the Office of the Cabinet, 1983-84, after serving as director, executive secretariat at the Department of Transportation, 1981-83. Campaign donation record not clear. Her husband, Thomas H. Anderson Jr., is former chief of staff to Sen. Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and was once a Republican candidate for a House seat from Mississippi. He donated $4,500 to Republican campaigns in 2000 and 2001.

Gay Hart Gaines
Term: Nominated Nov. 17, given recess appointment Dec. 26 [2003], [confirmed November 2004 for full term expiring 2010]. From Palm Beach, Fla. Interior decorator and civic activist. Board member, New York City Ballet, Guthrie Theater and Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Politics: President of the Palm Beach Republican Club. Charter member of Newt Gingrich's fundraising committee, GOPAC, appointed chairman in 1994. Former chairman, National Review Institute, founded by William F. Buckley Jr. Board member, Hudson Institute. Common Cause found that she and her husband, Stanley N. Gaines, donated $491,699 to Republican campaigns since 1989.

HalpernCheryl F. Halpern
Term: given recess appointment in 2002, confirmed by Senate in December 2003, term expires 2008. From Livingston, N.J. Chairs character education program of Words Can Heal, a national campaign against verbal violence. Produced for WKCR at Columbia University, where she was a student. Politics: Vice chairman and former chairman, Republican Jewish Coalition. Board member, Board for International Broadcasting and successor Broadcasting Board of Governors, where she served with Kenneth Tomlinson. Board member, International Republican Institute, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Lexington Institute. Common Cause found that she and her husband, Fred Halpern, donated $324,420 to Republican campaigns since 1989.

Claudia Puig
Term: Nominated Jan. 9, 2003, given recess appointment Dec. 26 that expires 2004, nominated for full term expiring 2008. From Key Biscayne, Fla. General manager of Miami and Puerto Rico stations for the 66-station Univision Radio network (formerly Hispanic Broadcasting Corp.). Former v.p. of Spanish Broadcasting Systems. Trustee, Florida International University. Politics: Donated $3,000 to Bush campaigns in 2000 and 2004, $4,000 to House candidates in Florida since 2002, $750 to National Association of Broadcasters PAC in 1999 and 2000.


CruzFrank H. Cruz
Vice chairman of the board and former chairman. Term: Longest-serving board member, appointed 1994, reappointed 2000, term expires 2006. From Orange County, Calif. Former TV newsman and a founder of the Spanish-language network Telemundo. Former president of Gulf Atlantic Life Insurance. Now president of financial consulting firm Cruz & Associates. Board member, University of Southern California and Irvine Foundation. Former history professor and author of five books. Member of Gore Commission on DTV. Politics: Campaign donation record not clear (Cruz did not return phone calls).

WilsonErnest J. Wilson III
Term: confirmed by Senate in 2000, term expires 2004. From Silver Spring, Md. Professor of government and African-American Studies, University of Maryland. Director of the university's Center for International Development and Conflict Management. Senior advisor and former deputy director, Global Information Infrastructure Commission. Editor-in-chief of the new journal Information Technologies and International Development. Author or editor of books on oil economics, the information revolution and economic development. Former director, Center for Research on Economic Development at the University of Michigan. Politics: Director, international programs and resources, National Security Council in the Clinton White House, 1993-94. Director, policy and planning unit, U.S. Information Agency. Donated $1,250 to the Gore-Lieberman campaign but it was refunded to him (Wilson was not available to clarify.)


CourtneyBeth Courtney
Term: confirmed by Senate in December, term expires 2010. From Baton Rouge, La. President and former executive producer of state-owned Louisiana Public Broadcasting. Past chairman of APTS and former vice chairman of PBS. Longtime broadcast journalist and producer. Politics: State government employee, no federal campaign donations listed. Her husband, Bob Courtney, was first assistant secretary of state under Democratic Gov. Buddy Roemer (who later became a Republican).

Reported likely nominee [2004]

Noriega (Photo: UCLA)Chon Noriega
Term: suggested as a nominee by Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) to fill remaining vacancy on CPB Board. [Rejected by White House.] Author on media topics and associate director of the Chicano Studies Research Center at the University of California at Los Angeles. He is a board member of the Independent Television Service and was active in creating the National Association of Latino Independent Producers. Noriega wrote Shot in America: Television, the State and the Rise of Chicano Cinema, 2000, and edits Aztlan: A Journal of Chicano Studies. Politics: No federal campaign donations listed.

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