ACCESS International, a privately held company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has been an industry leader and innovator since its founding in 1978. Early on we concluded there were no short cuts to installing and supporting a successful fund-raising system for our customers and that in order to meet each clients unique requirements, we must learn not only what you do, but why. The value of a comprehensive understanding of the individual and their situation is reflected in our software and remains a cornerstone of the way we innovate and conduct business. Until 1992, we focused exclusively on organizations that required highly customized software solutions to meet their diverse needs. In 1993, we set out to combine all of the best practices and innovations we had customized into a single software solution, ENTERPRISE. ENTERPRISE quickly became the industry standard for larger, more complex not-for-profit organizations. Over the past 15 years, ACCESS has worked closely with organizations in a wide range of fields including United Way, Public Broadcasting, Health and Social Services and Cultural organizations. We have worked hard to develop customized versions of our software that embrace the unique requirements and subtleties of those market segments. Today, the ENTERPRISE system sets the software standard for all sizes and types of organizations and our latest release, ENTERPRISE® v7.2 has expanded to reflect further customer best practices, industry trends and the latest technology innovations. At ACCESS, we understand that information is the power source of effective relationship building and fund-raising. Our ENTERPRISE system unlocks the extraordinary potential of your data, allowing you to approach your fund-raising from a coordinated and individualized marketing perspective and enabling you to better manage direct marketing, research, contact management, volunteers, planned giving and special event efforts all from a single, centralized database. ACCESS International bases both our software and services on the reality that fund-raising is an ever changing activity. Our solution is flexible, intuitive and designed to evolve with you and your community.