NPR will shift to Triton Digital for stations’ audio streaming

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NPR Digital Services will begin using Triton Digital for audio streaming as of Sept. 30, according to an email sent to stations Thursday.

“We believe this step will provide Member stations — both those who partner with DS for their streaming and those who don’t — with improved audio service and functionality, as well as greater opportunities for monetization,” said Thomas Hjelm, chief digital officer, and Stephanie Miller, managing director of NPR Digital Services. “This transition also allows DS to reallocate resources toward other priorities that Member stations have indicated are critical.”

NPR Digital Services now uses Limelight for station audio streaming. Earlier this year, NPR began using Triton for its national podcast advertising.

According to the email, NPR evaluated its streaming platform for a year and a half and found that stations had “high levels of frustration with the reliability of the service as well as its ability to help stations monetize their streams. After exploring a range of options, we opted to transition to a new provider that could support and optimize this important digital channel for stations without disruption.”

Clarification: This article and its headline have been updated to clarify that NPR Digital Services will use Triton for station streams and currently uses Limelight.