Wednesday roundup: Viewer anger over logos, KCRW premieres new site


• The logo wars won't go away. CPB ombud Joel Kaplan has written his second column addressing the size and placement of pubTV station logos, a pet peeve for two angry viewers. A West Palm Beach viewer who objects to the station bug appearing on WXEL-TV wrote to Kaplan to report that the station hasn't changed its practice since the ombud's last column. Meanwhile, a California viewer of KVIE and KQED, Jesse Skeen, filed a separate complaint with the ombud.

Skeen insists any placement of a station's logo on screen is unacceptable: "There should be NOTHING on the screen during a program except the program itself," Skeen wrote. "Anyone who does not understand this should simply not be allowed to control what goes out over the allegedly 'public' airwaves."

KVIE President David Lowe acknowledged to the ombud that Skeen's complaints are well known to him and his staff; he goes on to allege that Skeen may have resorted to personal attacks to make his point. Lowe suspects that Skeen posted a mean-spirited comment on a YouTube video in which Lowe appeared. The comment, posted under an anonymous handle, "wished testicular cancer upon me for running a station that used bugs."

Kaplan concludes that complaints about on-screen logos no longer warrant his scrutiny. "[T]his is one of those intractable situations that probably can never be resolved to everyone's satisfaction," he writes.

• Los Angeles's KCRW unveiled its new website this week as it celebrated the groundbreaking for its new 35,000-square-foot Santa Monica studio. The station released a promo video featuring guest appearances from Jack Black, who listens to himself while being interviewed on Elvis Mitchell's KCRW show, and David Lynch.

CPB's latest RFP, posted Monday, seeks a consultant to review the five CPB-funded organizations that comprise the National Minority Consortia, to "evaluate the effectiveness of the NMC's current model of operation" and provide recommendations to increase its "efficiency and impact." Last June, CPB asked the NMC to work collaboratively to reduce high overhead costs among the five organizations, and floated the idea of a merger.

Correction: An incorrect version of the KVIE logo was removed from this post.