Sue Schardt of AIR extols storytelling genre


"Those of us working in public media have the potential as never before to expand and deepen understanding, tolerance, and common purpose among a broadly diverse citizenry," writes Sue Schardt, executive director of the Association of Independents in Radio on MediaShift. How? Storytelling.

"Storytelling has emerged as a safe zone that allows media practitioners to circumvent, or at least loosen up, some of the traditional boundaries that may be confining the industry during a time of great change," she writes. "It is, in part, a way for us to flex and experiment on the edges of the often strict parameters of journalistic practice and the fixed broadcast medium that defines much of what we do — sort of like the Casual Friday versus Monday to Thursday in a workweek."

Her post is one in a special series, "New Storytelling," on the digital media site.