NPR increases pay rates for outside producers

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NPR and the Association of Independents in Radio unveiled a new payment structure for news reports Jan. 1, raising rates 7.5 percent for station-based and indie radio producers, effective immediately. NPR adopted a three-tiered compensation system and established standard rates for tape syncs.

“NPR’s decision to increase rates, which comes at a time of tight budgets, is intended to reflect our commitment to the vital network of station-based and independent reporters whose contributions enhance our programming every day,” NPR interim news chief Margaret Low Smith said in an email. Reaching agreement took nearly a year of negotiations with AIR and internal consultations at NPR, according to AIR President Sue Schardt.

NPR agreed to create a website for outside contributors listing policies, guidelines and information about rates. “We believe this resource will serve to reinforce AIR and NPR’s mutual commitment to clarity, transparency, and to cultivating a broad and diverse pool of public media talent,” Schardt wrote to AIR members.